Why you should definitely come to Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century!

I'll give you 5 reasons!

1. I really have a blog! Not the one that I just signed up and left. I wrote, posted, and created widgets, pages and menus.

2. I watched many talks related to teaching, digital information and sharing, all were informative and inspiring.

3. I learned a lot from other participants. We are from different disciplines, yet the ideas and comments are interesting and useful.

4. Greg really knows his stuffs. He is a great and passionate teacher. I have not meditated for along time before the workshop.

5. The workshop was well organized. The food was amazing and plentiful, one of the best that I have been to. We were well fed and still got more goodies to take home at the end.

Before I came to this workshop. I somewhat know what a blog is, and probably a bit about couple others digital and social media tools. Now I see a much bigger picture of teaching,  learning, and a much bigger picture of digital tools and their rolls in education.

My advices are just prepare to learn. Maybe do some homework about blogging and what you want to do with your classes, oh and exercise.

Highly recommend!

To attend or not to attend

I am so happy I chose to attend the seminar!  The introductory track I was in proved perfect for my needs.  I learned how to make a blog and practiced using it throughout the week.  In terms of actual connections with my courses, the activities were very helpful in making me focus on my actual classroom practices.

Now, for my advice.  Keep an open mind.  The seminar allows you to engage in a very collegial atmosphere of sharing with colleagues from many disciplines.  Ask  questions and offer suggestions and comments.



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A. One or Two Highlights

1. The idea of remixing

2. Creating a blog to post work for collaboration.


B. Two Pieces of Advice

1. Come with an open mind.

2. Keep your evenings open for practice.


When you attend the workshop, go in with an open mind.  You will learn a ton of new things that can dramatically change and enhance success in your classes.  For someone who used little or no 21st Century Learning/Teaching components in my classes, after a week I feel that I’ve gone from literally “Zero to Sixty in 5 (days)”.  I’m really excited about using many of the tools and ideas that I’ve gained this week and incorporating them into my classes for next semester — not to mention the fact that I can’t wait to continue developing my blog for my own selfish reasons.

Be  sure you leave sometime after class to reinforce what you learned during the day sessions.  If you don’t practice, you will not be able to preach.

This is how I would draw an image before I took the course:

This is what I could do after: (slightly exaggerated)