4. Thursday- Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a significant part of history, but the means through which the stories have been told has evolved with each civilization. From the oral histories presented by bards in ancient courts, to the works of scribes during the Renaissance, to newspapers, CNN, and now the Internet, personal narrative has been used to communicate the events of the past. Digital media now combines tradition with technology and allows students to tell stories through voice, text, images, audio, and video. Digital stories allow students to take a linear series of events and turn them into a multidimensional experience. It encourages them to communicate, collaborate, and research as well as to infuse media into the process.

Your storytelling brain. Cognitive Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga ponders our need to hear and tell coherent stories about ourselves.

Novelist Chimamanda Adichie talks about the danger of only knowing a single story about a particular culture and relates it to events that have happened throughout her life. Growing up in Nigeria she started reading only European literature and she began writing stories only about whites. When she moved to the United States for college her roommate had been told only one story about Africa and was shocked by the similar middle class upbringing that Adichie had had. Adichie tells the story of going to Mexico while the media was reporting on the immigration crisis and she embarrassed by her cultural bias and at the diversity of Mexican culture she saw. She encourages us all to seek out a variety of stories about cultures and not just adhere to the one definitive story that is often told by the powerful of one’s own culture.

Additional Resources:

 Create a 6 word digital story 

  1. Create a 6 word story that describes how you intend open a course you teach by REMIXING.
  2. Include a related image.
  3. Embed a video that describes how to REMIX.


 Create a digital story activity

  1. Digital is not the difficult part in digital storytelling. Storytelling is. Write a blog post describing a digital storytelling activity you can use in one of the courses you teach, that will put into practice communication, collaboration, research, and the use of different media.
  2. Why will this work?


  • Comment on two other learner’s posts.
    • Your comment takes something from the artifact and analyzes it. It might make a criticism, an observation an interpretation, or draw a conclusion
    • Your comment is a question that proposes answers. The good question asks “why” and “how” and demonstrates you have thought about, and have done some research, on the question. Answers are proposed and asked for feedback.


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