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Why you should definitely come to Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century!

I'll give you 5 reasons!

1. I really have a blog! Not the one that I just signed up and left. I wrote, posted, and created widgets, pages and menus.

2. I watched many talks related to teaching, digital information and sharing, all were informative and inspiring.

3. I learned a lot from other participants. We are from different disciplines, yet the ideas and comments are interesting and useful.

4. Greg really knows his stuffs. He is a great and passionate teacher. I have not meditated for along time before the workshop.

5. The workshop was well organized. The food was amazing and plentiful, one of the best that I have been to. We were well fed and still got more goodies to take home at the end.

Before I came to this workshop. I somewhat know what a blog is, and probably a bit about couple others digital and social media tools. Now I see a much bigger picture of teaching,  learning, and a much bigger picture of digital tools and their rolls in education.

My advices are just prepare to learn. Maybe do some homework about blogging and what you want to do with your classes, oh and exercise.

Highly recommend!

Digital Storytelling

Digital is not the difficult part in digital storytelling. Storytelling is.

After learn about soil, at the end of semester students will apply it to a situation where they grow an ideal crop that they pick. They have to present this to they class as they are teaching others how to grow their selected crop.

To adjust it to a digital storytelling activity, instead of presenting in front of the class and submit it to me, we will do discussion for each crop they choose. Students are encouraged to use new digital tools for the presentation and it will be accessible online.

Here is  Alan Levine’s easy 1-2-3 process for digital storytelling.