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5. Friday- Final Exams

Final Exam 1. This week you explored:

  1. The Art of Teaching,
  2. Digital Literacies,
  3. The Open Movement and
  4. Digital Storytelling.
      1. In a blog post, create a practice activity for one of the courses you teach, where learners REMIX,collaborate and share with others in and outside of the class and  based on one or more of the topics from this week.
      2. Explain why you chose your activity and why it will work.
      3. Describe how your activity enables students to actively participate in 21st century learning.


  • Comment on two other learner’s learning activity posts by analyzing OR asking a question that proposes answers.
      1. Your comment takes something from the artifact and analyzes it. It might make a constructive criticism, an observation, an interpretation, or draw a conclusion.
      2. Your comment is a question that proposes answers. The good question asks “why” and “how” and demonstrates you have thought about the question. Answers are proposed and asked for feedback.


Final Exam 2. Post to a Friend. 

Imagine it’s three months ago, and you received an e-mail note from a friend indicating that she’s going to attend this workshop. She is curious about your experiences and wants your advice on how to get the most out of it. Create a blog post in response.

  1. Think back over the week and recall one or two highlights.
  2. Think about what two pieces of advice you should give your friend.
  3. Write a short friendly post incorporating the highlights and the advice.
  4. Include a Creative Commons image in your post.