Day’s Objectives

  1. Create connections within our workshop community.
  2. Create participation guidelines and commit to them for the workshop.
  3. Summarize your findings and make a recommendation on accessibility given a scenario. (SLO 1)
  4. Discuss your previous experiences with students with documented or undocumented disabilities. (SLO 1)
  5. Articulate your questions and concerns regarding inclusive learning environments and accessibility. (SLO 1)
  6. Describe the origins of Universal Design for Learning. (SLO 3)

Day’s Activities

Activities – Introductions & Icebreaker

In pairs, get acquainted with your partner. You may use the posted Introduction as a starting point. You will have ten minutes to get acquainted and the group will come back together. Please find out one thing you have in common or something you found interesting about your partner.

Track Overview

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 Activity – Problem-Based Learning Activity – pending

⇒  Post your team response to Forums Tool –> Monday –> Problem-Based Learning Activity.


My Questions and Concerns about Inclusive Learning Environments and Accessibilitynew window

Mini-Lecture on UDL

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning Slide Deck new window