Pre-Workshop Activity 2018

Activity 1 – Introduction

Let’s start with posting your introduction in Laulima. The intention of the introduction activity is to break the ice as we start to get to know each other. We will be spending a lot of time together in the next week and the hope is that we will be learning with and from each other. Some of you may be well acquainted with each other, but I’m sure you can share/learn something new.

Please Login to Laulima, go to the Forums Tool –> Pre-Workshop Activities–>Introduction to introduce yourself and include the following in your post:
  1. Post a photograph of yourself that has special meaning. It can be a favorite vacation photo or a family photo then write a little about yourself. You may want to share why the photo is meaningful.
  2. Share why you are taking this workshop.

>>You may click reply to start your Introduction. You may add your name to the Reply Title (Example: Introduction – Leanne)

 Screenshot with Reply circled in red

 Activity 2 – Response to Video

    1. Please watch the 30 minute clipped version of Updated UDL Now! video.

2. Respond to one of the prompts:

  • Why are we transforming education from what it currently is?
  • Share one insight about what UDL is and what it may look like in practice in your class.
  • How do we get learners to really own their learning?
  • What are your thoughts on Katie’s statement “Engagement is equal parts attention and commitment”? Share a specific example from your own experience.

3. You may respond in writing, post a visual such as drawing, post a short audio or video, or any other means you see fit. The criteria for your response will include:

  • Substantive Thoughts Expressed – did your response contain important, meaningful, or considerable thoughts?
  • Completeness – did your response include the prompt and answer all parts (if applicable)?
  • Connectedness – did you respond to at least one other participant?

» Post your response to  Forums Tool –> Pre-Workshop Activities–>Response


Please bring the following next week:
  1. Your mobile phone with earphones or ear plugs.
  2. Your laptop.
  3. Your course syllabus in electronic form.
  4. Jacket if you get chilly.