Thursday Homework

Making Meaning Through Reflections

Findings from studies such as Learning by Thinking: Overcoming the Bias for Action Through Reflectionnew window, suggest that “one of the critical components of learning is reflection or the intentional attempt to synthesize, abstract, and articulate” (Di Stefano, 2014:1) the learning experience. Reflection can powerfully enhance the learning process. So, tonight, let’s reflect on what we have done this past week.

  1. Write a reflection, create a video, narrate a screencast, develop a website, create a pictorial representation, or choose another way of sharing your reflections of this Inclusivity learning experience.
  2. Respond to What? So What? Now What?

Three bubbles with arrows between them pointing from What to So What to What Next


What happened? What were the three most significant things you learned? What did you expect and what was different?

So What?

Why does what you learned matter – to you? to your students? to the college?  If you are an OER adopter, how do you see using OER to support accessibility of instructional material?

Now what?

What are your immediate plans? What are your near-future plans? How can you share what you learned to further inclusivity? Are you committed to this movement?

Finally, summarize your reflection by offering an insight or a piece of advice for instructors who may be considering exploring inclusivity.

Hand holding a sign "Workshop Deliverable"⇒ Post a link to your completed reflection in Forums Tool –> Thurs & Fri –> Reflection.


Adaptation of the Rolfe reflective model” image by Wikipedia is licensed PP0 Public Domain

Sign” by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay is licensed CC0 Public Domain