Day’s Objectives

  1. Describe the origins of Universal Design for Learning. (SLO 3)
  2. Identify what your students are struggling with in your course (SLO 2)
  3. Apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies by examining (SLO 3)
    • Learning goals
    • Materials
    • Methods
    • Assessment
  4. Complete “Incorporating UDL into Your Course Worksheet” (SLO 3)
  5. Revise your course syllabus using UDL strategies (SLO 3)

Day’s Activities

Incorporating UDL into Your Course Slide Deck new window

Hand holding a sign "Workshop Deliverable"⇒Make a copy of the Incorporating UDL Into Your Course Worksheetnew window

⇒ Post your completed worksheet to Forums Tool –> Tuesday –> Incorporating UDL Into Your Course.

Designing an UDL Syllabus Slide Deck new window

Hand holding a sign "Workshop Deliverable"

⇒ Post your completed syllabus to  Forums Tool –> Tuesday – Revised Course Syllabus Using UDL Principles


Consider creating a self-introduction video to engage students and add another way of presenting information in your course syllabus.






Sign” image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay is licensed CC0 Public Domain