Library Resources Essay

Ever wondered or thought about the best place to do assignments and researching on campus? If you haven’t, well you should of have. The library is located in the middle of the campus and the hours are Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, and Saturday’s and Sundays the library is closed. All students should visit the library because students can borrow laptops, ipads, and print papers which are useful tools for them, students can also borrow books for research, and if students want to work in a quiet environment, they can on the 3rd floor of the library.
The first reason students should visit the library is because it can help students with finishing their assignments. By visiting the library, students can borrow laptops, ipads, and printing which are very useful for students and helpful. Because by going to the library and these items students can get their work done. According to the LCC website, “Leeward Community College students can borrow one of our 30 Dell laptops, 3 Mac laptops, or 30 ipads for 4-hour intervals” (par.2)(Which means on the LCC website go under the page Using the Library under Help and Services.) Also, all LCC students can borrow the library’s electronics with a valid ID, and must be returned within 4 hours. To print, you must follow a three step process, you must have your LCC ID or print card with money in it. Printers are on located both floors of the library. The cost of printing for each page black and white is ten cents each. For printing sides and color it is seventyfive cents each side. If you don’t have an LCC ID, you can get a print card for fifty cents, but yet you still need to add a value to it to pay for printing. This can be very helpful for the students who can’t print at home or for students who don’t have color printing at home. Without a valid ID students can’t borrow anything from the library but can use the available desktops instead.
Secondly, borrowing books and doing research can be available anytime for students as long as the library is open. If students need to borrow and or look for a book, students can check online on the library website. The LCC library website says, “Search for books, media, and articles across many of the library’s collections and databases”, (par.1) (on the library website page, under the search bar, you can search for books there which is very easy.) To check out a book, you must have it with you and check it out at the front desk near the 2nd floor entrance.
Thirdly, working in a quiet environment for students is possible and can be found on campus. Students who are looking for in a nice and cool environment to work and focus in can go to the 3rd floor in the library. The library’s website say, “The library’s 3rd floor is intended for those who need a quiet space to study. Study tables border both sides of this floor and there is a silent study corner on the diamond-head side of this floor with individual study carriers.” (par.6 line 3)(on the library website, go to “I need to study”, then “3rd floor library”.) For any student who needs a quiet space to study, the 3rd floor in the library is the best place on campus. I’m sure the best quiet place to do work and study in is the 3rd floor in the library because I’ve experienced it and seen a lot of students there.
To conclude that the library will of course, indeed, help students a lot to finish things that they need to do for their classes. That is why all students of LCC should By checking out the library and going there for a visit because there’s many tools they can use, which are laptops, ipads, and print papers. Even borrowing books for researching and plus working in a quiet place to study.

Affordable Housing Essay

Can residents buy a half million dollar house? Or even afford one? In Hawaii, that’s a median price for a home. This topic will be about affordable housing, and I’ve interviewed my Uncle Moe because he’s interested in buying a house in the future and he’s knowledgeable about affordable housing. Hawaii should build more affordable housing because low income families aren’t able to afford paying the price, many residents become homeless, and population in hawaii is rising.
To start off with, Hawaii should build more affordable housing because low income families aren’t able to afford paying the price. According to the HUDGOV article, “A family with one full-time worker earning the minimum wage cannot afford the local fair-market rent.” (Castro, par.1). This means that low income families even with one full-time worker still can’t afford rent. If residents can’t afford paying rent they will be forced to become homeless or move in with other people which will cause stress, and will have an negative impact on families. But the problem is many do not buy property, only the richer people can afford buying. In fact even people from the mainland move into Hawaii to buy good houses and force locals into worse housing areas.
Second reason why Hawaii should build more affordable housing is because many residents are becoming homeless. In the article, Thomas Betar wrote that “Oraliens’ family’s house was abruptly sold by their landlord. She could not find another affordable living situation.” (Betar, par.2). The landlord sold Oraliens’ family’s house, and she could not find another affordable to live in and that resulted to homelessness. Many end up in homeless shelters for those who aren’t capable or aren’t close to affording rent or home. Spaces that are open up in shelters should help them with the needs of affordable housing.
A third reason why Hawaii should build affordable housing because the population of Hawaii is rising. As addressed in the article of Hawaii life “Hawaii’s population is up to 1.4 million.” (hawaiilife, par.1). In other words, there has been a dramatic increase of the population in Hawaii. As the population rises and Hawaii’s homeless crisis increases as well, there must be a solution for the homelessness. That is finding a solution without “sweeping them under the rug.” Also, Hawaii is known as “Paradise of the Pacific”. To retain that image of Hawaii as known for “Paradise of the Pacific” for tourism, the homeless crisis must be taken care of.
The people who are opposed to this argument are the ones who can afford affordable housing and the ones who do not agree in borrowing money from the government. However, no matter what people do in order to try make affordable houses they end up borrowing money from the government.
Finally, how this topic about affordable housing relates to malama is that it relates to community. Caring for our community is part of malama.
So I interviewed my uncle Moe about affordable housing, and I asked him, “What do you know about affordable housing in hawaii?” he said, “Well… there is one thing about affordable housing in hawaii and that is it’s not affordable at all!” I actually agreed for once about that. My next question was “Is affordable housing decreasing or increasing?” I asked, “It is definitely increasing!” he shouted.
In conclusion, building or getting houses affordable will be very challenging and very difficult but it is possible. Since the state of Hawaii is very expensive indeed. That is why unfortunately, Hawaii should build more affordable housing, because of the low income families that aren’t able to afford paying a house unit, and that many denizens become homeless. Plus the population in Hawaii is elevating rapidly.

Who Am I As A Learner Essay

The strengths that I always had as a student is summarizing any topic or idea, and combining them together with all of the elements then writing a page about it. The few weaknesses that I had before this semester is some writing weaknesses. Which are about how to start on an essay, and also putting words together that needs to make actual sense. Another weakness I always had was the feeling of can’t doing things that are I feel are too hard for me to do.
Looking back at my Essay 1, I can definitely see that somewhat I have fulfilled my goal. As I wrote in my Essay 1 for ENG 22 I wrote, “Indeed, as a student and a learner, I’m learning how to improve the way I learn, and also perceive the mistakes I’ve made”. Looking at how far I came since that time, I can see that I did do all the things that I’ve said, and that I was going to do. There has been a decent amount of improvement which I am really proud of as a student in this english class.
The challenges that I faced in school and this class particularly, was turning in assignments by their due date completed. Not just that but specifically all of the essays that were assigned in English 100 and English 22 were a major challenge to me because I never knew how to construct a proper essay. But thankfully and gladly this English class and the wonderful teacher Ms.Chang had taught me and showed me how. My grammar in the essays I wrote was very awful, as I can see their were many grammatical errors that needed to be corrected. To prevent this and change these types of challenges that I have faced from happening in the future from coming ever again, I need to must my best to not repeat these mistakes and learn the ones and also use the ones that were corrected from my mistakes.
As I grew as a person and now that I realized how much I actually grew made me satisfied. Before I used to be such a negative person that gives up too easily and being too hard on himself. Now I have become a much more positive person who doesn’t give up that easily and always finds a way to solve problems. I learned that writing with grammar is important. Without grammar, what whatever that is written without the grammar can be unclear and misunderstood by people who read it. That’s why grammar is important.
Based off of the surveys that I have done and defining as who am I as a learner, I am apparently a thinker. It is actually totally true. I am really surprised that when I took the survey, all the results actually all relate to me. I’m a Generation Z student, because I tend to use my cell phone and the internet more than usual. In other words every hour. I watch YouTube everyday and I look up to a few YouTuber’s. The way I prefer knowing from this and learning in class is actually thinking more because I am a thinker. Furthermore, the learning that I usually prefer is aural. For an example, when I hear the instructor giving instructions I feel like the instructor is present and I nod my head because it’s very clear to me. I also always like to follow the steps when it is given and told.
In conclusion, the kind of person I am as a learner is a thinker, because I tend to think more and think deeply. I use my brain a lot because whenever an essay is first given to me I think about all the ideas but I struggle to put them all together, and it really takes me awhile to do so.

Freewrite #7

img_5728I interviewed my Uncle Moe because I thought he was the best choice and the best to interview at that time.  I eventually did got some good information out of him and very interesting responses.  While I interviewed him, we both talked about the difficulties of affording rent and owning property here on the island.  We both agreed on reasons why there should be more affordable housings and every local people should have better chances of buying a house.

Freewrite #6


The topic that I choice for this essay was Affordable Housing.  The person that I chose to interview was my uncle Moe.  Why I chose him? I thought he’d be a good choice because he has some knowledge about this type of stuff and I thought I would get good information out of him.

Freewrite #4

img_5725The campus resource that I did research about was the library.  What I already knew is that this campus resource had many things available for students such as desktops, laptops, tablets, books, and printers.  What I want to know about is what else does the library offer to students that is very useful?  The types of sources that I will consult for this essay is what do students should really use at the library.  Others should use this resource to complete their assignments.

Freewrite #3

The two lines that I live by are lines 2 & 9.  Line 9 is what I would like to begin and to start following.  What I find very interesting is line 2.  I actually kind of understand what it means and experienced the meaning behind it.  What I think ʻōlelo noʻeau means is that it means saying some sort of words in way it sounds interesting can have meaning to them.  A saying that I follow and believe in is “Whatever mishap may befall you, it is on account of something which you have done”