Change or Suffer

Iv’e learned people in positions who are supposed to help us, Don’t really care. Iv’e learned that we need to be more caring about the environment and its resources. To think about where some of this stuff comes from and its true cost, not the one on the price tag. Are peoples lives worth stuff? How can i make it better beyond the classroom? The world is in a bad place and a lot of people don’ know it. My grandchildren are in danger and i don’t know what to do.

Where I Come From (poem)

I come from a time that was simple to most,Compared to today, It’s only a ghost. Conversation and laughter, Was always a garan’s compared to today, It hardly ever happens.

Parties and drinks were on most nights, Compared to today, Everyone just fight’s. I miss my home from back in the day. You won’t even see kid’s, Who go out and play.

The love of family is always a cost, But living here is never a lost. Be happy and smile, Be happy and bold for this is Hawaii, Where i want to grow old.

Is it Trash or Not

I was surprised at the amount of trash that comes from packaging and the cost and effort it takes to take care of the problem. Understandably packaging is a big part of salesman ship and apparently it has been taken to higher levels, When laws are needed to control the situation.

Just do it

The problems Hawaii has is that the islands are overpopulated. Not enough landfills and it costs money to ship it elsewhere. there’s not much we can do about over population but we do have a choice as to land fills and shipping trash out. Lets go with landfills first. We need to make a choice be it Waianae or Hawaii Kai. Already a lot  of arguments come to mind, but that is what is holding us back from solving this problem, also shipping trash out is basically the same problem, money and the lack of. Like the commercial said(“Just Do It.”) If we continue to Hee-Haw around this problem it will never be solved. Who should do it? Our elected officials, It’s their job!

No Money No Say

Over the years, we have come to the realization that we need more landfills, For our thrash. The ones we have now are still being used ,Which is amazing. They come up with locations in Waianae and Nanakuli, Two relatively low income communities. I believe there’s room for landfills in Hawaii Kai and Kailua, Two rich communities with more land, But for some reason (money) are not being looked at.

Don’t pass the Buck

The bottom line on this issue is the all mighty dollar.The government makes money on taxes and on the contracts. Their inspectors should not be able to work both sides. The production factories need to make bigger efforts to stop putting toxins in the products, Again the bottom line is profits. Workers and consumers really don’t have a say, Because they can only work with what the Government and producers give them.

Genocide of the Innocent

I am amazed at the number of people that truly suffer so that a handful of people can prosper. I am not surprised that the handful of people that prosper really don’t care how that money is rolling in! People and future generations are suffering due to the lack of concern for safety, the working Environment, minimum pay, or no pay at all, and the lack of maintenance of these industrial factories that sit side by side next to these homes built with minimal resources. The suffering is due to greed and the lack of backed regulations.

Waiahole vs. Ewa

No doubt both sides need water for obvious reasons. I’m sure there is enough water to share with the Ewa side, But i don’t think the waiahole side should give up so much  as to cause the people or the eco system any harm. They should give as much as possible and if that isnt enough, The water commission and the Supreme Court need to look at other resources and solutions.

Valley Life

I come from a small place on Kauai called Hanapepe Valley, But i now live in Kapolei. I like Kapolei, But i so miss the Valley. Hanapepe Valley is such a beautiful place. Known for the salt  fields at saltpond beach. The hanapepe river that goes on for miles, Will keep a young person busy everyday all day, Climbing the cliffs of the valley, swimming, fishing, crabbing, Not to mention the readily available fruits when you want a snack. Or listening to the older people tell you the stories of the valley. Alot of hunters lived in the valley, so most of us raised and rode horses had cattle and more than likely had a large garden.

Me (Everything starts here)

My name is Barry Andrew Albarico. My mom named me Barry after an actor named Barrymore from the 50′ and 60’s, I think he was the father of the actress Drew Barrymoore. In Hawaiian Barry means Pali. My middle name is Andrew and that is still a mystery to me as far as where it came from. When i was little i wasn’t very fond of the name Andrew, But have since gotten used to it. When i was young i always wanted to have names like the cool kids had, But through time i’ve realized my name is cool just the way it is.