Hawaii’s Trash Problems

Trash is and always will be a problem around the world because it ruins our health and pollutes the environment. Although it’s been an ongoing conflict, the people of Hawaii have been working on sustainable solutions that let us meet with our needs and provide a good environment for the next generations, as well. Such solutions that Hawaii should adopt to fix the trash problem involve turning waste into energy fuel and by recycling. These 2 solutions are the closest step in helping solve Hawaii’s trash problems. It will be hard but we can do it. If we don’t start now, when? We need to something about it before Hawaii will turn into a huge landfill and not a paradise anymore. 

Reading Reflection

Based upon what I read in Chapter 5, I have learned what C&D and Medical waste all about. I found out that waste from C&D can be use again but they have to be in a good shape and condition. Why are they reusing it again? Materials are being recycled so that it doesn’t take up space in landfills and it can be really be useful to most of the people who needs these materials. But as for medical waste, they are handled carefully because all of the waste are very hazardous and it is not safe for all of us. Medical waste has a special place to be disposed at so that it safe for patients, workers, and those people who handle disposing it. My favorite quote from chapter 5 is, “We work to create living wage jobs by recycling and reusing building materials. We work to create alternatives to landfills.” I like this quote because they are reusing materials again and offering jobs to people at the same time. They are not only caring about themselves but others too. They are also finding a way to help the environment by not taking up space on landfills. We too should do something in order for us to help our environment.


I’m not too certain where my trash goes but I think that my trash goes into a landfill and to H-power. In Hawaii, there isn’t enough landfill for all the waste to go to. But instead, it goes to the mainland or in Asia, which is very expensive. In my opinion, I really don’t agree to the fact that the U.S. is sending most of the waste in developing countries. They already go through so much problems yet we are adding more. It is so unfair because in order for us to have a clean and safe environment to live in, people in poor countries have to live with our waste. There should be a law where it tells us what we can and can’t export to other countries so that it is more fair for them. It is hard to see them live like that because of the chaos we have created. We owe them big time.


The products my money go to the most are my bags. I like buying bags because it represent who I am. I keep buying these products yet I barely use some of them and it just sits in my closet collecting dust. When I was just a little kid, I always have collected handbags to match with my shoes because it shows who I am. I know that buying these kind of products will be waste of money but it just makes me so happy. It motivates me to work harder so that I can get more. It’s not about being materialistic but it just feels good to see how hard work really does pay off. It is an adventure to have fun and get anything you want without your parents money. 

Habits and Practices

As this semester goes by so fast, I have learned a lot of things. One thing I have learned is what we can do to conserve water. Learning about water have made me realize how precious water is. In the past, I used to enjoy playing with water because, of course I was just a little kid. But now, I regret everything about it because I learned that some people in poor countries don’t have the chance to have clean and safe water. I finally learned how to appreciate water and how we can use them wisely. I conserve water by only taking the amount I need and by turning the faucet off when I’m not using it. People should do the same too because water is hard to get now. Water is very expensive and some people struggle to just have one bottle.

Environmental Racism in Hawaii

I have never seen an environmental racism here in Hawaii but I’ve heard about it. I found out that there is an environmental racism in Wai’anae. People there are being evicted so that their land can be used as another landfill for all the people of Hawaii. In Wai’anae, trash and toxic waste are taking over the land than people living or playing in it. It is so unfair because it is the people’s home and they grew up there. It is where families gather together but it is ruin because they are using their land as a place to put in toxic waste. It is so sad to see kids playing in the dirt where it is exposed with deadly chemicals. Residents of Wai’nae have to go through smelling and taking in deadly toxins. The powerful people in Hawaii should do something about it because it is harming people especially children. 

Who is to Blame?

Who do you think is to blame for the problem of toxins in our products?  I think that we, consumers are to blame for having toxins in our products because we are the people who knows that these products are bad for us yet we still buy them. I mean, we know what is wrong and right. It is our own decision on whether we should buy the products that are toxic or not. We shouldn’t be buying their products if we know it’s not safe because we can’t be make them make money. I know for sure that there’s a lot of toxins lurking in our products. But we don’t have the right to blame the manufacturers because they didn’t force us to buy their products. In conclusion, we should be more thoughtful on what products we should buy and use to have a healthy home.

Chapter 2

As I was reading through chapter 2, I found a lot of shocking information. For example, I was really surprise that all of our electronic devices are all polluted. Just by using my laptop, I’m already exposed to pollution and toxics. I didn’t know that before. All of us are not safe but we don’t care about any of that as long as we have the new gadgets that are coming out. But what is more important? Our health and our lives? Or new products that are not safe? It is our own choices to make but I wouldn’t risk something that will endanger my health and my life.  For all the new electronics that just came out, they make them really thin because they are trying to camouflage the fact that it is polluted and it is very toxic. We are exposed no matter what. We are using them in our everyday lives.

Water Should Be a Right

In this world we are living in, water is sacred to all of us but some people don’t even care about it. For example, people in rich countries just take advantage of water by wasting it. I’ve seen a lot of people who just leave their faucet run even though they are not using it and I have witnessed those people who have to wait 3 hours to 4 days to have access to clean water. In my opinion, water should be a right and not a good because water is free. We shouldn’t have to pay for it so that the powerful can get richer. It is sad to see that water companies won’t have the conscience to give clean water in poor countries. As I watched the documentary about water, I was in awe to see people struggle to have clean water like us. I learned that kids die from drinking contaminated water. If I have the money to help these people, I would. It breaks my heart to see them struggle and were here not appreciating what we have. Water should be and always be open to all of us who needs it. People like us that have access to water should consider ourselves lucky. Water is precious to all of us.

Water Shouldn’t Be Diverted

In my opinion, water should not be diverted from Waiahole to Ewa because without water, all of the farmer’s crops will be destroyed and they rely on their agriculture in order to earn a living and able to survive. They are the reason why we have good produce in stores. I know it seems unfair but it is doing good for the farmers as well as their crops. Ewa is dry and all but they don’t need all the water for themselves. The golf course can’t use it all too even if the water was used for the sugar cane before. I mean, the sugar cane is not there anymore so the water should be use on what is important and that is for the crops.  Ewa shouldn’t be selfish and also think about what the water is gonna do for the Hawaiian Island.