I think the best solution is to recycle all the time when can and also try not o litter.

In order to prevent the trash problem here, we have to watch what or when or how we throw away stuff. If there’s something you could cell, cell. If there’s something you could still use, use it. And lastly, if there’s something you can recycle, then recycle. I think this is the best solution to sort of prevent the trash problems here because recycling isn’t throwing away stuff, it’s sort of like reusing them in a way. Although, I’m sure there are other ways of preventing the trash problem here.

Remember, recycle often leads to a cycle of health.


Deconstruction is a great thing, and it’s like recycling. This help the environment a whole lot, and it also makes the environment more healthy.

When someone breaks down a wall for various reasons, one could recycle that wall instead of throwing it out because that wall is recyclable.

Deconstruction is the careful dis mantling of buildings in a way that recovers the components rather than trashing them; recycle them and not trash them.

I find this quote important because deconstruction, like recycling, is important for the earth and the environment.

Environmental racism

I don’t think I’ve ever seen environmental racism even here in Hawaii. The reason why is because I don’t go near toxic facilities in communities nor I have not heard of them. But i garenty that there is environmental racism here because if the United States has this, Hawaii probably has it too because Hawaii is part of the United Sates. But over all, I don’t know if there is environmental racism here in Hawaii.


I think the producers are to blame because they are the ones who make and put things in the produces we use. The chemicals that they put in are toxic to use.

The possible solution to this problem is to try to use a different way of making produce. They could use different chemicals or use something else.

The producers are the ones who’re making produce. So they should be careful of how they use chemicals and things in produce.

Chapter 2

What i found shocking about the reading if the story of stuff of chapter 2 was that the companies who make produces weren’t really careful of the chemicals that were toxic that they used. Those chemicals even harmed a lot of people badly. This reading shocked me because I did not know that chemicals were in produce. Also, those chemicals are very harmful and contain toxic stuff.


I think that water should be a good because if it’s a right, then probably the world would be unfair with water sort of which it is.

Maybe i we use water normally, things would be too complicated with water, perhaps.

Of course, we have to pay water pills in our homes to keep water safe which is a good things, but water could be used as a good in a specific way.

It’s a good thing that water is being organized, but it xould be used as a good too. I think water should be used as a good because people wouldn’t have to worry too much about water. Water’s for everyone!


No because waiahole isn’t receiving much water that effects the environment there.

Waiahole is an important place too because people live there, and they need water for their crops, environment, and for their own good.

I have no specific idea why the water commissioners are doing this when everybody and every environment needs water.

The water commission make it seem like that Ewa is a more important place than Waiahole. Every single place that needs water are very important.

A Donkey Kong game or a Donkey Kong doll character

I like my donkey kong country returns game, even i don’t play it much.

I have no idea where it was made from, but I can take a straight forward guess and say it was made in the U.S..

The Donkey Kong game is a Nintendo brand that’s by Japan. But video games these day, i garenty you, it’s being made all over the world.

Donkey Kong is also my favorite character from cartoons of any kind.

So I guess my favorite thing or object would be the Donkey Kong doll character. The video games of DK are good, but I’d go with the doll character most likely.

And I have no idea where the DK doll was made from. Maybe in the U.S. as well.


I’m from kapolei and live in honacihalai. My hometown – i don’t think – isn’t known for anything really. All i know is that it’s up the hill from ko oklina.

People don’t really say much about me from where i’m from. I guess they have no idea what I am or do at all.

My hometwon as shaped me to be humble and quiet about curtain things. My experience with it also made me a little wiser.

Yeah, I don’t mind living in it still. Al least most people there leave you alone while a couple of my neighbors love me. I had a great experience about knowing what life is like there.

So basically, most of the people who live there i am at, they seem a bit unknown, but a few are really nice.



I think my name means light, bright, or white. I’m not entirely sure what my name means.

I think it’s a good and nice name on a way. I also feel uncomfortable when people call me blake; the name is sort of irritating.

My father had given me this name cause e liked it.

James is the name I would chose.