I learned so much about Microsoft Office 2010…

I learned so much about Microsoft Office 2010. I used to use Microsoft Office 2003, which is quite limited comparing to the 2010 version. I learned new skills by getting used to the new version. Before taking this course, I have some basic knowledge in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. By doing the myITlab, I learned more advance skills and now I can make my work more polished and organized. This helped me with my other courses, and I am sure it would be helpful when I am at work. Specific skills like adding reference( footnote, citation or caption), formatting the page layout ( page margins and columns), adding SmartArt, picture effects, animation and transaction effects are those skills that I really practiced a lot in this semester. For Access and Excel, I haven’t really used them before and I have learned so much about them. I think its kind of hard to use them, but I also found that they are very useful, so it worth learning after all. I learned how to use formula in excess and how to set the criteria, sorting, etc. in Access query. I am taking Accounting course, and practice in Excel is what exactly I need for my future classes.

Making artifacts is another challenge in this class. I was worried before I made any artifacts because we needed to do research, make a rough draft and produce the final, polished artifact all by ourselves. I didn’t know most of the topics that I worked on. Its a lot of work to start from zero to becoming an “expert” and try to present to others what you have just learned. I think this is a really challenging part. For example, I learned so much about computer protection. I learn the skills to prevent my computer from being infected. This is so helpful, probably would save me so much money and time for buying new computer( if it gets infected). Amazingly, we can accomplish and finish all the challenges, because internet make it so convenient for all of us. I think the most important thing I learned is to take your chance to learn something new online, don’t be afraid because all the resources you need is out there. And I think if you are willing to try new things, and to learn, I can be technologically competent, for now and future.

Working in teams is difficult, because I needed to cooperate with others, and sometimes making compromise are necessary . When choosing the subtopic, I needed to be aware of what my other team members were working on, so that we as a team can answer all parts of the topic question. Another thing is that we needed to join our individual artifacts together, and polish it into one team artifact. I can’t do it without my team members, so we need to schedule meetings to talk about it, which takes time. I learned how to keep things simple and clear, so that all team members understand each other. I also learned to use the blackboard, which is a new tech for me. Lastly, I learned how to be a leader. In our team, we takes turn to be the leader, and as a leader, we need to do our own work, and also help others too. I think the most important thing that make our team successful is that we help each other. We will send messages to remind each other of coming deadlines. Also, if someone forget to do something, say posting on team blog, other team members would help to finish the job even if it is not their responsibility.

My advice to people in becoming technologically competent, is to be brave. Sometimes it take courage to learn new technologies. Just take the initiative the learn new things in your life. Don’t be afraid that you are not capable enough to learn the advance tech. It just take practices. And be aware that the technology improvement never stop. So we all have to push ourselves more and more. More researches and more quality artifact would help people to become technologically competent.


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  1. Aloha Elise,

    It is positive to hear that you learned a lot from the class and picked up on some new skills. I hope the skills you required really help you towards your accounting degree. Thank you for your contribution to the group. I liked your paragraph about your involvement with working in a team. I think all of us were experiencing the same thing, but we were still able to successfully complete each week’s assignment. Good luck and thank you.


    “white hat”

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