Individual Reflection During the time of this course…

Individual Reflection

During the time of this course, I have learned a lot from my fellow classmates, (Professor Walker’s Class) along with others from another class, (Professor Inake’s class). It was at first a little confusing as to what they were expecting from me, although I feel I have done well and tried my best throughout this time. I would like to take this time to reflect the things that I have done along with things I could have done better. I feel that I managed my time wisely at the beginning but towards the end I felt kind of lazy to the point where I would wait last minute to complete my assignments or I even forgot to do it because something else would come up. I would have kept up with my time management if I could change my past. The topics that were covered throughout this course were very intense sometimes due to the fact that it was all new to me but the most important topic I felt the need to know more information on was how to properly secure and manage your computer and protect it from spyware and viruses. I have had that problem in the past but never kept up with the maintenance for my devices. While doing these assignments in teams I would much rather liked it if we could have done it independently. I felt the need to worry about others and that would stress me out sometimes especially in the beginning when there were some of us who couldn’t get the work done on time or just didn’t know what to do. All in all, I liked my team very much, and I felt we worked great as a team. Although we did have our misunderstandings and technical difficulties, I wouldn’t have changed it. Our team had been successful with the encouraging words from each of us and with the help of others. I appreciate everything that each of my team members helped me with especially when I didn’t come through with my part of the assignment at times, and for that I apologize. This has been a very good lesson learned and an awesome experience for me to be able to be a part of. Thank You for the well-known knowledge learned and the wisdom shared and encouraged. It is and will forever more be grateful.

-TerraLee Rivera

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  1. Aloha Terra,

    I am glad that we were able to be in the same group with one another during this group project. I think we both learned a great deal about what it takes to work and communicate within a team. Thank you for your hard work and effort. I do have a question for you however. What would be the best advice for someone who hasn’t worked with a group via online? Best of luck to you Terra. Thank You.


    “yellow hat”

  2. Hey TerraLee,

    First off I’d like to say thank you for your kind words shared in your comment towards my reflection. Yes things were difficult for myself and my team because while everyone was trying to figure out what their roles were we was also trying to figure out how to do the assignments lol. In any case we started to click together and things kind of all fell into place. I noticed that in your reflection you mentioned having problems with viruses and intruders on your computer. You also stated that this class has helped to inform you of its importance of computer securement. Is there any other information that you have trouble with that you wish was covered in the course, if so what would that be?

    *Green Hat*

  3. Hi Terra,

    I agree that this course is really challenging, especially some of the Guiding questions that the professors brough up. Although, this was a challenging course, I’m glad that you dedicated your time to the course, even though, I too felt lazy towards the end of the course. What was challenging thing about working in teams aside from technical difficulties? Sometimes I also, feel I wanted to work independantly, but my team members help me along the way. Did you also like the MyIT lab? and also what made you and your team members successful along the way?


    “green hat”

  4. Hi Terra,
    I agree with you when in the beginning you were confused, because so was I. I spend a few times in Greg and Rachels office making sure that I was doing artifacts right. As reading on into your reflection I just feel we were feeling the same. I really worked hard in the beginning to the best I could and got lazy towrds the end to where I look now and wish I could have done better. But we did get through it and learned a lot. Will this help towards your degree like mine? What was your reasoning to taking this course??
    green hat

  5. Aloha Terra!

    I found your reflection interesting and had faced some similar challenges this semester. Fortunately my team “forced” me to make sure i did my team assignments as I didn’t want to let anyone down and had a great team leader…I had more trouble remembering to do my weekly ITLab assignments. You said you wouldn’t change anything because you did have a great experience but is there anything other then being able to change time management that you think could have been done either by instructors, team, or self to have made you more successful?

    “Green Hat”

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