Miracle Workers: Guiding Question #8

Miracle Workers

Guiding Question #8

How can we continue, over our lifetimes, to become more technologically literate and competent, and stay current in a world where technological competency is always changing?


 Technology is constantly evolving everyday.  You may think you have the latest software or cellphone out there, but the next day something new comes out.  We all have buys lives and it may be difficult at times to keep up with the advancements of technology.  Following a few easy steps along with a little effort can help fix this problem.  This week our team members gave our own subjective interpretations on how to stay technologically competent.  These are reflected into our artifacts to answer guiding question #8.  Enjoy


1.  Jacobe

Subtopic question:  How can computer users stay relevant with the continuous advancement of technology in our day and age?

My final artifact for the class is a step-by-step PowerPoint.  This guide will teach technology users techniques to stay technologically relevant.  Following these steps will help anyone who strives to stay technologically up-to-date.

Keeping Up With Technology



2. Terra



3.  Elise


How can we continue to become technologically competent?  How to stay current with the new technology?

If you want to continue to become technologically competent, you should:

•Be an active learner, not passive learner
•Understand the importance of being technologically competent
And if you want to stay current with the new technology, check out my artifact, and
explore certain websites that can help you to stay current with the new technology!

Elise’s artifact: TechnologicalCompetent



It is very important for us to become technologically competent, continuously. Being technologically competent has a lot of advantages, it increase your job opportunities and convenience in your life. These are just two of the many. Follow the techniques in our team artifacts to help stay relevant.

Thank you guys for your continued support throughout this class.  We hope you enjoyed our final team artifact for the semester. We look forward to your upcoming comments.  Mahalo

My involvement with the Technology Competency Challenge was…

My involvement with the Technology Competency Challenge was a great learning experience. I was able to learn a lot of new skills not only with Microsoft Office applications, but also with working in a group. Before taking this class I felt that I was pretty confident in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. After all the MyItLab assignments, I feel that I have learned so much more details with these programs as well as Excel and Access. I know that I will be able to transition these new found skills toward school and future occupations. Applying these skills into each week’s guiding question artifact was okay, but at sometimes also challenging. Probably the most challenging individual artifact to put together was the week in which we had to use Microsoft Excel. I learned that I really don’t like to use the Excel program and my artifact from that week reflects my dislike. This is my first semester taking online classes, which means that it was my first time working with a group online as well. Our group never decided to meet each other in person. All of our group interactions were via online on blackboard or thru our phones. This made it a little hard to get the whole group on the right page. The first month or so was really tough for me. I felt that there was a lot of miscommunication within the group and a lack of effort from each member. Honestly it was very frustrating at first. As time went on we were able to come together as a group and get on the same page. The communication got a lot better, and my thoughts of other group members began to change in towards a positive light. I later learned that it wasn’t a lack of effort from each group member, but more of a big miscommunication. I’m glad that I was placed into this group because I was able to learn a lot from these individuals. I learned a lot about communication, having more patience with people, and most importantly about forgiveness. Ultimately our group’s success came with our added appreciation for one another and a drastic increase with communication. My advice to someone who is making an effort to become technologically competent is to stay updated. Do this by reading articles from the internet and books about new technology and future updates. The main thing is to stay relevant and educated.

Miracle Workers: Guiding Question #7

Miracle Workers: Guiding Question #7

Guiding Question: There are many different types of software including system software, programming software, application software, mobile software, open source software, and web-based application software. How does software work, why does one need so many types, and how does one know what software to buy and where to get it for the best price? Also include in your Excel spreadsheet a part that categorizes the types, subcategories, purpose, cost, links to the best prices, links to quality ratings, and other items you find necessary.

Introduction:  Aloha, our team artifact this will help educate new computer users on different types of Software.  There are different types of software pertaining computer operating systems to cellular phone systems.  Each artifact will help the new computer to see the pros and cons to each software.

1.  Jacobe- Different Types of Windows Operating Systems

For my individual artifact this week, I wanted to help educate new computers users about the different types of windows operating systems out there.  In my artifact I give information about different prices, release dates, where you can obtain these soft wares, etc. Below you will find my Microsoft Excel artifact.

Windows Operating Systems

2.  Elise

In this artifact, you can take a look at the different apps for iPhone and Android. These apps are popular. functional, and with high ratings and recommendation. The spreadsheet includes many information from app icon, description, price to reviews. I hope you will find your own favorite apps there. =D

Popular apps for iphone and andoird

3.  Terra

Thank you for reading our team artifact.  Please feel free to leave your comments. They are much appreciated.


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Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 6 Team Artifact

Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 6



Most of us depend on computers heavily today. We shop, work, entertain, and store all kinds of files such as music, movies or word documents in the computer. But computer isn’t perfect. Sometimes files are missing, the computer malfunctions and worst case scenario, the hard drive crashes. We all know that something like this will happen someday. When that day comes, you will be happy to know that you have all files backed up! So this week, we will be focusing on Backing Up Computer. We will introduce the concept of back up and explain the different types or computer storage devices. Just to make sure everyone know the basic information. Then, you can go ahead and take a look at the analysis for different back up plans. We are sure you can find the best one for yourself!

By Jacobe:   

Sub-topic Question:  Where do computer users store their information and what are the different types of storage?

Many people use their computer, but never know where all there saved information is being stored.  There are several places where information can be saved.  My artifact will educate new computer users on how computer storage works, and different storage options..


By Terra:



By Elise:
Subtopic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each backup plans? How to choose the best one for yourself?

Hi everyone! I assume you already know the basic knowledge you need to know, and the different types of storage plan you can use. In my artifact, you will see the analysis of different backup plans, including their advantages and disadvantages, and what makes it suitable for you to use it. Lets help you to choose the best backup plan for yourself!

Click HERE! → Choose The Best Back-Up Plan For Yourself


 Start backing up your computer today. Don’t wait till its too late. Our artifacts should covers the basic knowledge that you need. We hope you enjoy our artifacts.


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Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 5 (Computer Security)


This week Miracle Workers will focus on the topic: Computer Security. Generally speaking, computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer. Nowadays, many aspect of our life depends on internet, from communication to business, e-shopping to e-banking. We also use computer to process and save our school works or business. Consider how much personal information is stored in our computer and on the internet! It is necessary for us to protect ourselves from computer viruses, identity thieves, hackers and spyware.

In this artifact, we will show you how an identity thieves can cause you disaster as well as the ways to prevent identity thieves. We will also cover the ways to protect ourselves from spyware, hackers, and computer viruses.

Let’s get started!!


By Elise:
Subtopic: How to Protect Your Computer From Being Infected by Computer Viruses?
Computer Viruses can do anything from removing data in your hard-drive, to damage the applications and software in your computer. Many people had little knowledge about computer viruses and are susceptible
to computer viruses. So how can we avoid being victims of computer viruses?There are many ways to prevent it, 3 ways are mentioned in my artifact:

  1. Install reliable Anti-Virus Programs
  2. Avoid suspicious websites
  3. Avoid suspicious email

Details about each way are provided, for example, I will explain how people can use a Link Scanner to check the safety of a link. I will also talk about anti-virus software, and there will be Q&A section on this topic, including example of anti-virus software, and what a anti-virus program will do to secure your computer. There will also be a DO and DON’T list in the section of “Avoid suspicious email”.

So please have a look on the artifact right now!!
I hope you will find something useful:
How to prevent computer infections?

By Jacobe:
Subtopic: How can new computer users protect themselves from hackers and identity thieves?

Identity theft and computer hacking is a common thing in our day and age of technology.  The advancement of technology is making it easier for anyone to learn how to steal information or hack someone’s computer.  My individual artifact provides new computer users with simple steps to help counterattack these hackers.

7 Steps to Prevent Computer Hacking and Identity Theft

By Terra:
Subtopics: How important is spyware and viruses, and their removal?

Spyware and Viruses, two very nasty bug that you would just like to squish!!! Unfortunately, We can’t just squish them. They actually have to be removed one by one with profession products that were made specifically for that purpose.Here is more information as to remove and protect your computer from these threats or sneaky malware. It is very important to do so for it will damage your computer or worse, others computer. It can also deliver false advertising through emails or even release information which could lead to have your identity stolen. So be safe and cautious, get protection and get it NOW!!

How important spyware and viruses are. By: TerraLee

We hope that after reading our artifact, you have already master the skills to protect and secure your computer and online activities. You are less likely to become a victim of cybercrime or computer crime right now! However, you should always update your information about computer security because there are always new trends and ways of cybercrime and computer crime. To protect yourself, you have to have the most up-to-date information on computer crime so that you can prepare for fighting against it! Always be cautious, be a smart computer user!

Please leave your comments or questions.

Aloha =D

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Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 4 Team Artifact

Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 4 Artifact



Guiding Question #4 :

What basic hardware terminology, computer and network setup, and simple computer and networking diagnosis skills does one need to know to become a savvy computer user?

You will master the most basic computer skills in Miracle Worker’s artifact in this week! We will teach you how to setup a wireless local area network. We will also provide you with some information on basic computer hardware terminology. Finally, we will show you the ways to diagnose networking problem. To cover these information in our artifact, we assure for all new computer users, you can start enjoy using computer and internet with minimum help. You will understand what you are doing and won’t be overwhelmed by the new technology that you encounter. For all experienced computer users, I am sure you will also find useful information.

So let’s take a look at our team artifact!


Individual Artifacts


1. Elise:

Subtopic Question: How to Diagnose Network Problems?
Internet disconnection is a very common problem faced by all computer user. For those who usually don’t know what happens and what they should do when their network connection break, I am here to help! In this artifact, I will show you the ways to diagnose networking problems using PowerPoint  through:

  1. Verify the Physical settings of network
  2. Verify the IP address

There will be flowcharts to show you how you can easily diagnose and fix the problems step by step. After reading my artifact, I am sure you will master the skills and for most of the time you can fix your network problem all by yourself! You don’t need to call for professional to fix it as much as before.

So please have a look on the artifact, I hope you will find something useful:
How to Diagnose Network Problems?


2.  Jacobe:

Subtopic Question: —What are the steps new computer users must take to setup a wireless local area network (WLAN)?

My artifact for this week will help new computer users set up their WLAN or wireless local area network.  This PowerPoint tutorial will guide users step by step and will also inform them about the materials needed to set up their WLAN.  It is essential for anyone who wants to set up an internet connection in their home or small office to go through this guide.

Guiding Question #4 Individual Artifact. Jacobe Fines

3.  By Terra:

Subtopic Question: What is basic computer hardware terminology?  What is a savvy computer user?  How does it benefit us as a computer user?



We learned so much by ourselves and from each other when we try to pull all information together. Hopefully you will learn many things in our artifact too! We hope that after reading our artifacts, you have already master the skills or setting up computer and network, diagnosing networking problems and understand the basic computer hardware terminology. You are on the way to become a savvy computer!

Please leave comments if you have any suggestions or questions.


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Team Artifact: Guiding Question #1

Miracle Workers Team Artifact: Guiding Question #1


This week the Miracle Workers are focusing on Online research. We used different methods to collect information about Online Researching and tried to create something that could help the community master their researching skills. These skills will certainly help people to succeed in academics or professional career.

After researching on our topic, we raised different questions among ourselves and tried to answer those questions for ourselves and for the community. Not only do we want to help others, we would also like to challenge ourselves. Therefore our team members used different software programs  such as Microsoft Publisher, Google presentation and Microsoft PowerPoint to create individual artifacts.

In our team artifact, we talk about the ways to narrow internet search and the advance Google searching skills. We also tried to provide new user a step-by-step guide for online researching, so that they can catch up very easily.




1. What are some tips and tricks computer users can use to get precise information when searching the internet?

By: Jacobe Fines

Browsing the internet may be a confusing thing to do when first learning it. It may seem simple to just type into a search box. But what you type in and how you type it in will affect your search results. My artifact is a poster/flyer that gives new computer users my top 4 tips to narrow down your internet search to gain more precise results. Using these simple tips will prevent users from stumbling into the same old web pages and dig deeper into what they actually are searching for.



2. What are different advanced features of different search engines?

By: Ka Man Wong (Elise)

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is also one of the best among all. However, for those who are not familiarized with basic internet skills, using the Google search engine could be confusing. Moreover, for those of you who had never explore more on the Google search engine, you may want to learn a few searching techniques to do a online research more effectively and wisely. The following PowerPoint could show you 5 basic techniques in Googling.



3.  How do new users search for the best results in researching online via (Google, Ask, Bing, etc.)  

By: Terra Lee Rivera

With the internet being so big and have a wide variety of ways to search for information, We provided some of those ways for you to take a look at. It will help you better understand and be able to do so yourselves.

I tried to do something new to me by creating my artifact on how to research information, what sites are easiest to use and to make sure the information gathered are relevant and reliable and isn’t a just make believe. In that, I created a PowerPoint to brake things down in a step by step process to ease the transition for those who are new to using computers.

Ind artifact #1

Researching Online Using Google


4.  What are some easy steps a new computer user can use to achieve internet success?

By: Alyssa

Hi, my name is Alyssa and this is a short and easy way to internet success. After this I can guarantee that you will understand how to use the internet and its creditability. I decided to make a power point. Through this I gave step by step tips and instructions for those who might be new to computers. I believe that it will help anyone even beginners. Please see the link below and check it out.



In conclusion, creating this team artifact had its ups and downs.  We did our best to try and answer all parts of this week’s guiding question.  This week was a great learning experience and we feel that were all able to grow from it.  Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback.


Week 2 Artifact Forming Storming Norming Performing Forming…

Week 2 Artifact: Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing


During this beginning phase of the team building process, I think it would be the perfect opportunity to exchange e-mails, phone numbers, general goals, and a schedule of the group’s assignments. Everyone is either meeting each other for the first time, or they are still getting acquainted with one another. An ice-breaker activity would be very ideal in this phase, so that it may relieve some of the nerves and pressure that team members may be experiencing.


This is generally the stage where I think people want to contribute their ideas without getting shut down. People fear rejection, so to solve this issue here is what I might suggest doing with my team. Any ideas contributed from a team member will be noted down. (Continued in Norming section)


After all ideas/concepts are collected during the team allotted time period. There will now be a vote to make a choice between the different ideas. The person who submitted their idea/concept should give a brief explanation about it and why we should choose it. At the end of the explanations, we would have a vote. In which majority decision, wins.


All aspects of the group are operating at a high level. At this time everyone is on the same page toward completing the assigned task. There should not be any issue of mistrust with one another and miscommunication. Teams can sometimes revert back to previous phases of the team building process. This can be avoided with proper communication, accountability, and responsibility.

Reference link: https://www.bluesteps.com/blog/5-Key-Factors-to-Building-and-Managing-Successful-Teams.aspx

Example of Team Contract: http://www.ee.uconn.edu/SeniorDesign/designone/Team%20Performance%20Agreement.pdf

Essential Computer Skill The most essential topic to…

Essential Computer Skill

The most essential topic to teach a new computer user is the focus/question of “What is a PC?” This website http://www.lfpl.org/jobshop/docs/ComputerBasics.pdf is self-help tutorial to provide a solid foundation to the new computer user. It goes into the detail about the fundamentals of computer use, along with its importance. The basic knowledge of what a computer actually is and what it’s used for should be the beginning point when teaching someone just starting out. How do you turn the computer on and off? What is the display/monitor used for? What are the uses of a mouse and keyboard? Simple questions like these reflect areas of which beginners should learn. An example would be like when you are first learning to drive a car. Before actually driving, you learn the basics. You learn how to turn on the car, how to steer the car, what to press to accelerate and stop, the rules of the road, etc. Without learning the basic functions, parts, and uses of a computer, one can never begin their path to achieve growth, experience and knowledge as a computer user.


Whats up everyone My name is Jacobe Fines…

Whats up everyone. My name is Jacobe Fines and I am looking forward to taking this class. I think it will be really educational and interesting. I looked over the the syllabus and getting started pages. I understand the concept of the course and I think its going to be a great learning experience.

My alternate technology access plan would be to use my spare desktop computer. If my internet crashes or doesn’t work for some reason, I would use my cellphone as a mobile hot spot and pick up its connection for the time being.

…………… Go Lakers. yeee heeee