Guiding Question 6

     How does storage work, what different types of storage are there, where can one store information, and how does one prevent information from being lost? Create a backup plan that everyone should use to back-up their personal information and explain why your plan is better than any other plan.

       At one time, floppy disks were the only way to distribute software and the only way to share files between microcomputers. Now we can store data and information using a variety of different types of media including hard disk, optical discs, and solid state devices like flash memory and USB drives.  In addition, internal and external hard disks and a variety of optical discs including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray.

Kurt Kaleikini

What is storage and the different devices and services available to store and retrieve data?

Many individuals who are not competent end users of computers, need to learn the importance of Nonvolatile: Internal and External Secondary Storage.  The following presentation will provide  information of how data is stored and the devices and services that are available to insure that an individual’s data is protected and accessible Anytime & Anywhere.

Darrell Delmundo

     Have you ever had tons of information on your computer and had it crash on you. All your files, pictures, and valuable information gone in the blink of an eye.There are other options that can prevent this from happening. This is why i will explain why it is always a good idea to back up you computer and the information you don’t want to loose.

Kathleen Galloway

     Storing information onto your computer might not always be the safest place that you think.  Instead of taking the chances of losing important personal documents and others, back it up with a safe and secure system that will never let you down.

     In the 21st Century Cloud Storage will create many benefits and advantages. In addition, very large capacity storage devices including file servers, network application servers, and RAID systems will be prevalent in the world of advance technology.  And to be competent and to be competitive in today’s professional workplace you need to know and understand these things.

Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 6 Team Artifact

Miracle Workers : Guiding Question 6



Most of us depend on computers heavily today. We shop, work, entertain, and store all kinds of files such as music, movies or word documents in the computer. But computer isn’t perfect. Sometimes files are missing, the computer malfunctions and worst case scenario, the hard drive crashes. We all know that something like this will happen someday. When that day comes, you will be happy to know that you have all files backed up! So this week, we will be focusing on Backing Up Computer. We will introduce the concept of back up and explain the different types or computer storage devices. Just to make sure everyone know the basic information. Then, you can go ahead and take a look at the analysis for different back up plans. We are sure you can find the best one for yourself!

By Jacobe:   

Sub-topic Question:  Where do computer users store their information and what are the different types of storage?

Many people use their computer, but never know where all there saved information is being stored.  There are several places where information can be saved.  My artifact will educate new computer users on how computer storage works, and different storage options..

By Terra:



By Elise:
Subtopic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each backup plans? How to choose the best one for yourself?

Hi everyone! I assume you already know the basic knowledge you need to know, and the different types of storage plan you can use. In my artifact, you will see the analysis of different backup plans, including their advantages and disadvantages, and what makes it suitable for you to use it. Lets help you to choose the best backup plan for yourself!

Click HERE! → Choose The Best Back-Up Plan For Yourself


 Start backing up your computer today. Don’t wait till its too late. Our artifacts should covers the basic knowledge that you need. We hope you enjoy our artifacts.


My data is where?

Where’d my work go?


Has this happened to you?

After hours and hours of working on a report, you finally finish, just having the computer crash!  Was a back up made? The computer gets taken in to the repairman to have them say sure they can recover the report so long as a backup was made.  Then the question gets asked, how do I do that?

Luckily with the modern computers this is rarely the case as most word processing  applications now have an auto save mode so that after a set period of minutes the computer will automatically save a temporary copy of the work that you have been working on.  However, before the modern applications, not more than 15 years ago, if the files weren’t periodically saved in the process of creating a document – all that hard work that was done in order to create a report would be lost in the process.

Ikaika will provide an introduction into the history of data storage as well as the different types of storage there is.

Data Storage and You

 Where can an individual store information?

Brooke will explain

How do you create a backup plan that everyone should use to backup their personal information? Why choose this method?

Stephanie will guide the way



Sample Team Artifact Post

How does one research online to uncover relevant, credible information, when searching online leads everyone in the same direction and to the same websites? How can one use research to dig and search for the truth on the Internet?

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1. How do you find and interpret credible research information using Google search?

By: Tommy Technology

Google is one of the most widely used search engines. The common saying these days is, “Just Google it.” What does that mean? It means you can find anything – answers to all your questions using the Google search engine, But how do you find and interpret credible research information from your online search? In the file below, I’ve included a list of the top 10 ways to research and find credible information using the Google search engine, including additional information and examples.

Top 10 Ways to Research and Find Credible Information Using Google (.docx)


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