Hi my name is Michael Del Mundo I…

Hi my name is Michael Del Mundo I am a first time student here @LCC. Im originally from Seattle, Wa but I have family thats been living here for sometime so Ive traveled back and forth pretty often so I considered Hawaii my second home. I have access to a computer at home and I also use my iphone pretty often especially if im not connected to wifi. Im almost just a drive away from campus to use the computers in the learning center if any reason i cant get access to this course. Ive read the the syllabus and ready to enhance my skills through technology and hopefully help me with my major in business management.

Hi everyone My name is Ana born in…

Hi everyone!
My name is Ana, born in Brazil and now living in Hawaii.
My week at work was way too busy and just now (Sunday) I am being able update my school work, sorry guys…
Well, here is a little about me: I work for Alaka’i na Keiki, an agency that provide services for public school to help children with any source of mental health issues. Is a very rewarding job.
My major is Digital Media/ Business, but to be honest I am thinking of changing to Psychology.
I love the ocean, art, photography…
Since I am behind with homeworks I will stop here and get to work!
Nice meeting you all!

Hey guys my name is David Marquez im…

Hey guys my name is David Marquez im an international student from Bolivia(south america) im really sorry for the late response but i was just added to the class yesterday, I always ha a passion for computers and games and also the business are so this seemed like a good combination of both, hopefully my english is not a problem, i apologize if i have some mistakes in grammar and such, really nice meeting you guys.

Hey everyone My name is Mike Tanigawa i…

Hey everyone,
My name is Mike Tanigawa, i am a return student to LCC. Originally my focus or major was toward digital media, but since then i have found a new interest in business. I always loved computers, and there isn’t a day that i’m not using one. I hope that this class expands my knowledge a little bit and gives me a broader view of business!? This is my first online class so i hope that i’m able to correctly post things. >_< My alternate technology access plan is to either use any one of the other computers in my house, tether from my phone, or even use my ps3(I believe i should be able to access this site from there.) If not i will go to the resource center!

Ok Let me try this again Hello everyone…

Ok Let me try this again.
Hello everyone! My name is TerraLee Rivera, everyone calls me Terra. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a full time student here at LCC. I look forward to working with some of you whether its in the near future or far. I am excited to learn more about everyone as well as learn from everyone the insights of what their knowledge is when it comes to technology or computers overall.
My plan if anything were to happen to my computer is to access it from my phone, ( which i tested out already as well as downloaded some apps, similar to microsoft word) to be able to post and upload my papers. If that fails me, I have other areas in which i am able to use computers with access to the internet. There is know excuse for why my paper isn’t turned in or posted.
I have read the course information and i had a little trouble understanding it although i am fully aware now of what it exactly means and how to go about getting it all completed. I have not only printed out copies for me to read when im not at a computer but i have copies to make notes on for my future reference as well. 
Thank You very much for your time and understanding.
TerraLee Rivera

Hi my name is TerraLee Rivera and this…

Hi my name is TerraLee Rivera and this is my very first year of college here at LCC. I am currently working towards getting my Liberal Arts but initially going to work towards getting a degree in Business. I am also going about starting my own business, and feel the need to know all of what this class has to offer and more. I have two little girls and a husband who currently works for his family business and travels a lot for that business so its more like I’m a single parent although I he supports me through anything i want to do and more He is always there for me and my children. I have taken a few business courses (non- credit), so this will be my very first semester in college and it is very challenging although i had already taken advantage of the LRC program located in the library, and signed up for some tutoring in regards to my accounting as well as my business classes. Yes, I know its only the first week but i am not falling behind and since its by appointment i figure it doesn’t hurt to try and see if its needed. You never know what someone else might teach you whether its an instructor or an fellow student. Thanks everyone hopefully we can meet each other.

Did the same thing too about ATAP My…

Did the same thing, too, about ATAP. My altenative tech access plan would be to use the computers at either the LCC or the LCC-Waianae campuses if my home computer, for some reason did not work. I live between the two campuses and could access either.

Also, I have read and understood the course syllabus, schedule and other course information of his class .I agree to do my part as a student of this class.

I forgot to post up my alternative tech…

I forgot to post up my alternative tech plan. My alternative tech plan is either use my mom’s desktop or sister’s ipad. But if that doesn’t work, I can borrow a family member’s laptop. Also, try to put an anti-virus software so my laptop will not get a virus while posting an artifact or commenting on the blog. I have reviewed the syllabus and the tentative class schedule and also understand it.

Hi everyone My name is Alicyn I’m a…

Hi everyone,
My name is Alicyn. I’m a freshman at LCC, recently graduated from Moanalua high school. I am looking foreward to having an online class because it will make me work twice as hard simply because I will be in charge of making sure I do my work on time. I’m excited to take this course to become better with technology and learn much more about computers. I am not currently working because I am pregnant and I am due on September, 22. I wanted to work as a lifeguard on pearl harbor, however, my mom and brother had my child and my safety in mind and said that I shouldn’t work. My alternate technology plan is to use either my brothers or mom’s laptop which already has the websites that I need bookmarked. I reviewed everything that I had to for this class and I understand it completely.

Hello everyone my name is Azurelynn I am…

Hello everyone, my name is Azurelynn. I am a freshmen here at leeward community college, I transferred from Kapiolani community college because of commuting difficulties. This will be my first online course, so I am hoping to gain great knowledge through this experience. I work part time in retail, but my ideal goal is to have my own business. The reason why I chose online courses this semester is because I am soon to be a mother to my first child and with that it works better with my schedule. A lot of this is fairly new to me, I’m a little uneasy about it, but I know that if I keep my driven determination and dedication intact that I will be able to pass this course. I fully understand what it takes to pass this course, with that said, I have many alternate plans. Some would be, my personal computer, the library computers, and also my family members computers. I feel that it is important for me to have alternate plans, for back up. You may never know when life decides to hit you with a curve ball.

Hi What you up to For myself I…

Hi! What you up to?
For myself, I just seem to be focused on becoming Mr.BUS101. I am a Native Hawaiian gentleman who is committed to achieving his full potential in school and work. Therefore, words cannot express my gratitude towards UH and my instructors, because I feel the knowledge they provide to me is “PRICELESS”.
Because earning an A grade in BUS101 and ENG100 asynchronously is my goal this FALL2012 semester here at LCC. I purchased a HP Pavilion dv6-6c43cl PC and a Novatel Wireless/Ovation MC760, so I can be properly equipped and connected to complete all of assignments responsibly and “On Time”.
Anyway, good luck to you, too, this semester. Hopefully we all can look forward to being successful in this course. In addition, I firmly believe with the skills we earn from our instructors and completed assignments in BUS101, we will gain priceless tools of knowledge that will carry all of us to our future successes with ourselves, our families, and community. Completing this course successfully to me will open the doors of endless possibilities for all of us.
Sincerely Yours,
Kurt H.F. Kaleikini

Hi my name is Kalani

Aloha everyone I am a sophomore transfer starting up at LCC and UHWO. This will be my first online class and so I am anticipating a great influx of new knowledge, which I am excited about. I was born and raised here in hawaii. I spent my freshman year at a University in Southern California. I use a mac, but it is partitioned so that I can run windows as well. My alternate plan would be my family members, friends, and ultimately the computers at LCC. I feel like I have a decently firm grasp on the information needed for this course after reading the syllabus and such. I look forward to growing along side each one of you. Good luck and be blessed as we move through this semester together!

Hi everyone My name Kate and I am…

Hi everyone! My name Kate and I am finishing up my AA in liberal arts and transferring to West Oahu to go for health care administration. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pa and moved to the island about four years ago and I love everything about this place 🙂 I work full-time, now school starting, that is full-time and I do volunteer work as well. So I am pretty busy, but when I do have some down time, you can usually find me at the beach relaxing. My goal of this class is to gain as much computer knowledge as I can. I believe this will help me later in my career, and as well as today since everything has to do with computers. My alternate plan is my personal computer, computer at work, and friends. I have been taking online classes every semester and I do okay. But definetly advice to others, make sure you do have an alternate place because there were many times where something went wrong. I look forward to working with everyone, learning as much as I can, and good luck to everyone!

Aloha everyone My name is Richard This should…

Aloha everyone! My name is Richard. This should be my last semester at LCC as I will be receiving my AA in liberal arts and will be transferring to Manoa as long as I pass all my classes. I currently work full time, also a full time student, and also a father of a 9month old baby girl. I certainly have a full plate tahis semester but I plan to finish with no regrets.

I have read the and understood the course information and have an alternative technology access plan. I have two desktop computers along with my laptop that I plan to use exclusively for this class. I also have a flash memory drive and external hard drives should I need extra storage space for school work. Lastly, should I encounter a connection problem, I am able to teather my phone for internet access should my ISP have any issues.

Aloha, My name is Anuhea..

Aloha, My name is Anuhea. I’m a sophomore in college, Just started my first day at LCC, transferred from HCC. Recently finished my Fashion Tech classes & taking up Business, Marketing & sales at LCC. I’m from the Big Island, Kohala to be exact. I have some experience in computers, but I only work on a MAC, so i’m not sure how or WHAT to purchase to make this class easier, being that I had a macbook since…forever. If anyone could give me suggestions (:

Aloha My name is Gina and I am…

Aloha! My name is Gina and I am majoring in Business Management at LCC. I have a full-time job (sometimes more than full time!) and work at BAE Systems on Pearl Harbor. I am currently enrolled in three online courses. I currently have a MAC computer which I realized was a problem so will be utilizing my dad’s extra Visio laptop for the course. My alternate technology plan is to also have programs installed on my work laptop. I’ve reviewed the syllabus, schedule, and other information and hope that I can succeed in this course. I used to think i was technologically savvy then I realized I have a lot to learn! Heres to an exciting few months! If anyone lives in the town area Im always up for extra studying!

Hello All My name is Alyssa I am…

Hello All, My name is Alyssa I am from the westside of the island however raised a military brat. I am not a new student but I am returning after about five years. I have a great interest in computers and business. I am a full time student, work full time and a full time single parent. I am really happy that this class is available online so I can continue my education. My alternate access plan would be to use the computers at work, other computers in my home or the computers at LCC.

Aloha My name is Selena and I live…

Aloha! My name is Selena and I live and work on the Windward side of the island. I’m really excited to be joining this online class and I know that with the lessons and information I receive from this class and from all of you, I know it’ll open up a whole new world for me.
My alternate access plan will be to use one of the other computers that we have in our home.

Aloha I am Jose and a 58 year…

Aloha! I am Jose and a 58 year young man originally from Puerto Rico. Retired from the US Navy Submarine Force in 2003 after 25 years of honorable and faithful active duty service. Veteran of the Cold War, Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Married to a great lady and have one adult son. Using my Post 9/11 GI Bill to finally get educated. It is never too late to learn something new. Looking forward to learn business computer systems with all of you.

Hey everyone my names Jessica This is my…

Hey everyone , my names Jessica . This is my second semester but my first time taking an online class so hoping everything will go well . im 22 years old & i have a 2 year old daughter named Hailey . If anything should happen to my computer , id make time to go to LCC & use the computers available there or use a family members .

Hope to get to know all of you better & good luck to you guys this semester .
– Jess

Hi everyone My name is Liz Haven’t been…

Hi everyone! My name is Liz. Haven’t been in school for a few years but since my boss keeps giving more work to do, I talked him into letting me take some “enrichment classes” so I could be extra pro at my job. Haha. Anyways I am exited about this semester. I have access to my main work computer, my job’s laptop, my home computer or any public access options ie. Kinkos, library, school…this is my alternate technology access plan.

Hi my name is Atsuko Hamano I came…

Hi my name is Atsuko Hamano. I came to Hawaii last year with student visa from Japan. I’ve just started learning English, so I’m nervous taking online class, but I hope I will do well. Nice to meet you everyone!

My alternate technology access plan is I will go to LCC library to use PC if my laptop would crash.

Thank you.

Hi guys I’m Stephanie Mendiola Very much looking…

Hi guys, I’m Stephanie Mendiola. Very much looking forward to this class and trying this new site out. Took BUS101 online few years back and never had a community site like this. It’s very interesting and hopefully just as helpful as our instructors say 🙂

As for my alternate technology access plan, it would be to use my brothers laptop as back up and also to go to Leeward campus and access one of their computers to finish any assignments until I have my situation fixed.

I have read the class syllabus, weekly modules, assessments, and the course structure. Got a good understanding on how this course works and excited to learn more as the semester progresses!

Hi everyone My name is Lisa I’m originally…

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa, I’m originally from Denver, CO and moved here from Las Vegas, NV. My husband is an active member of the USAF. We moved to beautiful Hawaii last June and I’m completely in love with it! I’m a HUGE football fanatic… Go Broncos!

I’m excited for this class, but nervous at the same time. I’m looking forward to learning more about computers.

My alternative plan would be to use my husbands laptop or our desktop. If those fail, I will go into the computer lab at Leeward.

Whats up everyone My name is Jacobe Fines…

Whats up everyone. My name is Jacobe Fines and I am looking forward to taking this class. I think it will be really educational and interesting. I looked over the the syllabus and getting started pages. I understand the concept of the course and I think its going to be a great learning experience.

My alternate technology access plan would be to use my spare desktop computer. If my internet crashes or doesn’t work for some reason, I would use my cellphone as a mobile hot spot and pick up its connection for the time being.

…………… Go Lakers. yeee heeee

Assignment 1 Introduction and Alternate Technology Access Plan…

Assignment (1) – Introduction and Alternate Technology Access Plan

Aloha Everybody,

My name is Angus Macaulay. I currently reside in Kapolei. I was once stationed here in the Marine Corps and have returned to make Hawaii my home for the last 5 years. I would definitely have to introduce myself as a non-traditional student mainly because of my age (you will have to guess on that). This is my first class since I attended Kent State University in 1996. Recent injuries as well as VA funding forced me to look at my education and employment opportunities. I am taking this class as a core requirement that my transfers did not cover. I have watched the Orientation video and reviewed all other available course information and must say I understand but nevertheless I’m still somewhat intimidated by it all. I look forward to working with you all.

My Alternate Technology Access Plan is as follows:

Computer Crashes Internet Down (Clear)
1. Borrow wife’s computer (if in good graces) 1. Borrow neighbor’s (short-term, Virgin)
2. Use computers in the Learning Commons 2. Campus
3. Borrow computer from Learning Resource Center 3. Starbucks

Aloha I’m Rachael one of your instructors for…

Aloha! I’m Rachael, one of your instructors for BUS 101. I’m really excited for this semester because I think this course is very unique, relevant, and current in the way we will be teaching and learning – through learning communities, online discussions, blogging, and online collaboration, supported by powerful online tools provided by Google, Edublogs, and Blackboard Collaborate. (I wish I learned this way when I was going to school.) I am looking forward to facilitating this course as well as working with and learning from everyone here in our community of inquiry. 🙂

My alternate technology access plan is to use my spare laptop which I have configured with MyITLab and have MS Office 2010 software installed, or use the computers in the Learning Commons. I found the fall semester hours for the Learning Commons posted here: http://emedia.leeward.hawaii.edu/kamanao/story/new-learning-commons-ready-use

Since Greg and I put the course together, I have definitely read and understood the BUS 101 course syllabus, schedule, and additional information on the BUS 101 Weekly Modules site > Getting Started pages: https://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/lee-bus101-ri-gw/week0

I’m looking forward to a great semester! For those of you who may be a little nervous, be patient and don’t be afraid… just dive in! All 40 of us in this combined class are here to help you, too!