Revised Team Plan for “Omniscient 4U” Darrell Kurt…

Revised Team Plan for “Omniscient 4U” [Darrell, Kurt, Ella &Kate]
This week the team members of Omniscient 4U discussed in detail the plan of our approach to the Week5 Guided Question in relations to the Technology Competency Challenge. The following information will serve as our guide to sustain momentum and produce good works and in meeting the deadline of our final team artifact, upon completion and submission.

Team Meeting:
We will meet in person every Thursday at 2pm at LCC.
Instant text messaging as well as emailing each other will be incorporated regularly.
We will also be on the team worksheet simultaneously to work on ideas of contributions.

Each member will provide quality research contributions to “Guided Question”
In addition each member will make it a priority to be unique with contributions to artifact.
Also since time is of the essence we will make time in our schedules to contribute.
Motivation and respectful reminders will be issued to sustain momentum with project.

Tools of Productivity:
Each member understands their voluntary responsibility to the team and what is expected.
In addition alternate technology access plans have been established to insure contribution.
Software application such as Microsoft Office will be incorporated in presentation of artifact.
Videos, Journals, Specific Search engines will be incorporated to provide expert advice.
The goal of the team will be supported by numerous styles of relating our message.
Finally we use any possible means technologically to produce quality artifacts.

Will be submitted on or before deadline.
The sculpting of the artifact will insure no plagiarism and insure original remix of data collected.
It will be our team’s goal to be competitive and set the standard of the Competency Challenge.
Time limits have been set and are expected to be met in a timely manner individually.
The team will come together to finalize and agree on final submission of artifact.

Our Mission:
As a team we are committed to assist one another in reaching our individual goals. Furthermore we expect that everyone will automatically be a contributing factor in helping each other in reaching their full potential in their contributions and ideas in the Competency Challenge. Finally everyone is excited to work as a team and understands the value of meeting the Challenge and reaching the goal. Thanks! Coach Kurt

TEAM 8 – The Stray Cats

We call ourselves …The Stray Cats aka Team 8 !  WHY ??

Because we were unattached souls that met and united as a TEAM  !

With dedication and perseverance we will take it to the TOP and let no one stop us .

OUR Mission to give the best we can and complete the Team Competency Challenge !!


As a team WE agree to the following :

1 .Compromise – At times you might not both agree , but in the end a choice needs to be made .

2. Cooperate – AS a team we are expected to work together  as a TEAM there is no “I” in the word . Decisions are made together .

3. Collaborate- Means working TOGETHER not solo or “do your own thing” .

4. Commit – TO stand by your word and do what is expected of you , your share.

5. Communication – Remember no ones perfect , where you might think its important or beneficial the other might not .

6. Consideration – BE mindful of how the other person handles “constructive “ criticism . DON’T make your objection personal.

7. Coexist – Try to get along if not ASK for HELP right away before it gets out of hand .

8. BE CLEAR – on your responsibilities , commitments , everyone on the team is equally important.

9.CONSEQUENCES – You get what you give .. no input NO credit . Simple as that .

10. The FINAL and most important part of OUR contract is …..

Remember to have FUN  and ENJOY

the new friendships and knowledge you will have gained at the end of this project ! 


The team will try and meet  on  Wednesdays @ 9pm via chat , blackboard and or in person whichever is most convenient for all

and work on our Team planning sheets and artifact .

WE will also try  to meet at various “other” times and will utilize every chance WE can .

 WE have reviewed what is expected of us and will follow through the best we can .


OUR Coach/Crusader  –Ms. Selena G.

  Selena’s responsibilities will help the team keep harmony and peace while working to keep a  POSITIVE

    atmosphere  for us to work in . She will be our guide to focus on working together and not against one another.


OUR Innovator/Crusader –   Mr. Michael V.

 Michael’s will be “our” team go to guy .

He will keep us informed and filled with new ideas and thoughts on how to

think “outside the box” ! Keeps the TEAM motivated and to use alternative perspectives and ideas.


OUR Sculptor/Crusader -Ms. Kelly M.

 Kelly has the resposiblity of putting the team thoughts and ideas into the team blog  !

  She makes sure its posted in a timely fashion and formatted according to directions .


Team contract:

1: Be consistent: as a group we need to set goals and stick to them.

2. Be Persistent: stay our course of action in spite of any difficulties we encounter

3. Motivate: continually motivate eachother to share and bring out our individual ideas.

Plan for weekly team meeting: We decided to meet as a group 3 times a week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30pm for as long as we can continue functioning.

Group members roles and responsibilities:

Pam = Coach = Keep the team on reach and make sure we continue to be consistent

Beth = Innovator = Bring up new ideas, try to think o”out of the box”

Pam = Crusader = Keep the team focused, seeing the big picture

Beth = Sculptor = Make sure everrything is done in a timely manner

As a team we will accomplish our goals to the best of our abilities and strive for continuous improvement, meeting any challenges head on. We will be successful by maintaining a positive attitude towards all tasks give to us no matter the difficulties

ISBA Ikaika Stephanie Brooke lynn & Azurelynn Additional…


Ikaika, Stephanie, Brooke-lynn, & Azurelynn

Additional Policies for the Team Contract:

1. Assist – Aid anyone that is in need of assistance in order to meet the requirements of their assigned tasks.

2. Listen – Really listen to what others are saying. If it is something you don’t understand or agree with, understand their point of view before dismissing it just because it disagrees with what you want.

3. Accept – Regardless of the outcome in any decision or assignment, accept that your point of view may not be the one chosen and move on to complete the assignment/task at hand without holding a grudge.

Plan for weekly team meetings:

Due to our very different schedules, we all agreed to communicate through email. Beginning of each week, we plan and assign different task for each member. By the end of the week, we should have completed all tasks by the deadline and discuss what we could have done differently or improved on for the next week.

ISBA (Team 6) has reviewed and understood the Team Planning Worksheet. Each week we’ll discuss and come to a mutual agreement on which member will do which task from the worksheets.

Team Members:

  • Azurelynn – “the Innovator”: She will motivate the team to complete all tasks and positively push us to give our best ideas and not be intimidated to share.
  • Brooke-lynn – “the Crusader”: She will keep us on the right track during the assignment and make sure we stay focus and don’t slack.
  • Ikaika – “the Sculptor”: He will add the finishing touches to the project before submission and notify any of us for more improvement.
  • Stephanie – “the Coach”: She will help/coach the team to reach their goals and meet deadlines. Influence a positive vibe throughout the project.

Team 6 will be successful in this project because we all share the same goal: Give our best in our work to get the result we want. We will work hard on our own tasks but also never forget to assure our other team members that we are also there to help them if they need it. We will make sure we are all going to succeed and not leave anyone behind.

Cutting Edge Support

Team: Cutting Edge Support

Additional Policies:

Consistency – Be consistent with communicating with each team member. Consistently provide feedback and input to create quality work as a team on a weekly basis.

Credit – When we signed up for this course, we all made a statement that we understood the course information and had an alternate technology access plan. In joining the course, we should dedicate at least nine hours a week (as stated in Expectations for the course). Therefore there is no valid excuse for non-completion of work, except for extreme circumstances (death in family, anything of that sort). As a team, we can contact each other via phone or text message or e-mail if help is needed or in the event of an emergency. In order for the team to thrive, all members are required to actively participate.

Consequences – Each member is held responsible for his or her own work. Members are also responsible for attending discussions via google chat. Consequences will include reporting to professors so that they are aware of the situation.

Cutting Edge Support has decided to meet on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. During our meetings, we will discuss each week’s assignment, collaborate on ideas and communicate effectively. We have reviewed the eight planning worksheets in Google Docs and pledge to complete each assignment as one united team.
The Team:

Richard     Coach       Become mediator in an event of conflict. Assists in weighing the pros and cons of each side.
Gina Innovator        Provide ideas for each task. Provide input on how to make artifacts better.
Atsuko Crusader Understand weekly module tasks. Communicate responsibilities with members. Create an assignment list and progress reports.
Kiara Sculptor Review spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure content is accurate. Contact members if drastic changes need to be made.


Cutting Edge Support is determined to provide quality artifacts and resources each week. We will create a learning environment both fun and informational. Our team will be successful during the Technology Competency Challenge through each member’s commitment, work ethic, and most importantly, through a well-founded partnership. We are dedicated and certain that our audience will learn the technology necessities they need for everyday life.

Digital Destroyers

1. Team Name.

Our team name is “Digital Destroyers”.


2. Additional policies.

  1. Motivate- Keep each other motivated with projects and assignments to keep each other focused and determined to complete necessary tasks together
  2. Accept- Take responsibility for what you need to do for your team, and get everything done on time.
  3. Laugh- Enjoy the team and the project. Don’t get too stressed out that no one can work together

3. Plan for weekly team meetings.

Regular Meeting: Friday 12PM-3PM.

4. Team Statements:

The Digital Destroyers have read the Team Planning Worksheets. We will make sure to meet regularly in order to complete each worksheet on time for each week. Each team member will help one another, and we will remain positive throughout this experience.

5. Team Roles:

6. Our team will be successful in the Technology Competency Challenge because we will motivate each other in completing assignments, meet up weekly in person or on skype to discuss assignments and individual duties as a team and completing all assignments on time.

Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers

Team Name: Miracle Workers
Our team name is Miracle Workers. We chose this for our team name because we are determined to take every challenge that we encounter throughout the course. We will overcome all obstacles and turn them into miracles.

Plan for Weekly Meetings
Regular meeting: Tuesday 8:30 pm at Blackboard Collaborate

Additional Team Policies 

  1. Discipline — Turn in work on time, and be responsible for oneʻs own job.
  2. Participation — Participate in all activities  to enhance team effectiveness.
  3. Tenacious — Never quit!
  4. Accountability — hold one accountable against their plans.

Our team will communicate primarily via Blackboard Collaborate. We will meet every Tuesday, 8:30 pm online.  The duration of the meeting will vary weekly, depending on the progress of our team.

The following things will be discussed in the meetings:

  • Job distributions
  • Deadlines
  • Reflections for the previous week

Team Statements

  1. The Miracle Workers have read the Team Planning Worksheets. We will meet regularly on time, to try to follow and finish the Team Planning Worksheets. Our team members will help each other out in doing so.
  1. Why do we think our team will be successful in the Technology Competency Challenge?

Our team will be of great competition when it comes to the Technology Competency Challenge because of our different views and insights. Also we will be successful not just because of our dedication to our work, but also to our team.

Moreover,our team will be successful during the Team Competency Challenge, because of our creative team work, trust amongst our group members, and our innovative ideas.


  1. The roles of our members:
Name Role Statement
Jacobe Fines Coach Jacobe: I am responsible for contacting group members about weekly meetings and updates. Motivating and raising team morale. I will help the group stay on track and complete assignments on time.
Terralee Rivera Innovator Terralee: I am Terra and i will be researching the information on how to improve our artifact and other information in regards to our weekly assignments. I can help plan more effective ways on how to improve things
Tacoronte Alyssa Crusader
Ka Man Wong Sculptor Ka Man: I am the sculptor for the team. I will be responsible of polishing the final artifacts and correct all mistakes. I will also be responsible for posting the final artifacts on the blog. I will try to help the team to get the things done on time.