Sample Team Artifact Post

How does one research online to uncover relevant, credible information, when searching online leads everyone in the same direction and to the same websites? How can one use research to dig and search for the truth on the Internet?

Short introduction here on how the team addressed the Guiding Question (include guiding question) with their artifacts in making sense of the entire Guiding Question. Sum up everyone’s contributions.

1. How do you find and interpret credible research information using Google search?

By: Tommy Technology

Google is one of the most widely used search engines. The common saying these days is, “Just Google it.” What does that mean? It means you can find anything – answers to all your questions using the Google search engine, But how do you find and interpret credible research information from your online search? In the file below, I’ve included a list of the top 10 ways to research and find credible information using the Google search engine, including additional information and examples.

Top 10 Ways to Research and Find Credible Information Using Google (.docx)


2. Next teammate’s question.

Next teammate’s name.

Short intro.

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Short conclusion. Ask for comments.

Upcoming Due Date Reminders


We hope things are going well with creating your first individual sensemaking artifact and compiling the team artifact (which contains the team members’ individual artifacts) for GQ 1 to be posted on your blog. We’ve made the instructions clearer and created some additional step-by-step instructions and planning example for you to follow. Here are your upcoming reminders:

Due by Friday 9/21:

  1. Completed GQ 2 planning worksheet (steps 1-7a). (10 pts.)
    • Remember, starting with GQ 2, you will be creating your individual artifacts using MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access). Please check for our feedback over the weekend and make necessary revisions.
  2. Finalize individual artifact for GQ 1 (25 pts.) Here’s the rubric on how your individual artifacts will be assessed.

Due by Sunday 9/23:

  1. MyITLab Excel Ch. 1 A, B, and Grader. (25 pts.) For more helpful tutorial videos, check the “Resources” section in Week 5’s module.
  2. Completed individual sensemaking artifact that answers the question you made in step 2
    • Be creative and include anything you want like text with links, images, video, etc.
  3. Uploaded your individual artifact for GQ 1 to the shared Google Docs folder to share with their team. (See instructions.)
  4. Completed your team artifact step 7 of your GQ 1 planning worksheet following the team artifact rubric and Tommy Technology example.

Due by Tuesday 9/25: Your First Technology Competency Challenge Team Artifact (Blog Post)

  1. Post your completed team artifact for GQ 1 (of all your individual artifacts which you should’ve already drafted in step 7 of your planning worksheet) and publish to your team site by Tuesday. (See instructions on how to download your teams’ artifacts from Google Docs/Drive and attach to the blog post.)

We’re excited to see your completed team artifacts!! 🙂 We look forward to enjoying your creativity and learn along the way.  We know you will help our community become more technologically competent by researching online to uncover relevant, credible information, and being able to search for the truth on the Internet. (GQ 1)

Rachael and Greg

Welcome to Week 5 (9/17 – 9/23)


Congratulations – your team made it through your first week of planning! There was some confusion last week on what you needed to do. We have revised your planning worksheets and hopefully this week you will be less confused planning your artifacts. Please keep up the good work!
Beginning this week, carefully read the Week 5 Module. (This is really important so read it thoroughly and be sure you understand what you have to do, otherwise, ask early.)

This Week’s Deadlines:

Thursday 9/20 by 11:55 PM
  • Each team member completes a rough draft of steps 1-7  in your GQ (Guiding Question) 2 team planning worksheet.
Sunday 9/23 by 11:55 PM
  • Each team member revises and finalize steps 1-7  in your GQ 2 team planning worksheet.
  • Create your team artifact for GQ1 in your team’s planning worksheet (step 7). Do not publish to your team blog yet.
    • Collect all your individual artifact links into ONE team artifact in your team planning worksheet (step 7).
    • Make sure each individual artifact includes the name of the person who created it.
    • Write a short summary of why the team artifact answers and makes sense of the Guiding Question.
    • Write a short introductory description of each team member’s artifact, their individual question, and their subtopic.
    • Everything you plan on posting to your team blog should be included in your Guiding Question 1 step 7 team planning worksheet.
  • Complete MyITLab Excel Ch.1 A, B, and Grader Projects.
Your grades for the previous week’s assignments will be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday. Check your grades in the Laulima Gradebook every Thursday. Please politely email your instructor if a grade is incorrect.
Thank you,
Rachael and Greg

Revised Team Plan for “Omniscient 4U” Darrell Kurt…

Revised Team Plan for “Omniscient 4U” [Darrell, Kurt, Ella &Kate]
This week the team members of Omniscient 4U discussed in detail the plan of our approach to the Week5 Guided Question in relations to the Technology Competency Challenge. The following information will serve as our guide to sustain momentum and produce good works and in meeting the deadline of our final team artifact, upon completion and submission.

Team Meeting:
We will meet in person every Thursday at 2pm at LCC.
Instant text messaging as well as emailing each other will be incorporated regularly.
We will also be on the team worksheet simultaneously to work on ideas of contributions.

Each member will provide quality research contributions to “Guided Question”
In addition each member will make it a priority to be unique with contributions to artifact.
Also since time is of the essence we will make time in our schedules to contribute.
Motivation and respectful reminders will be issued to sustain momentum with project.

Tools of Productivity:
Each member understands their voluntary responsibility to the team and what is expected.
In addition alternate technology access plans have been established to insure contribution.
Software application such as Microsoft Office will be incorporated in presentation of artifact.
Videos, Journals, Specific Search engines will be incorporated to provide expert advice.
The goal of the team will be supported by numerous styles of relating our message.
Finally we use any possible means technologically to produce quality artifacts.

Will be submitted on or before deadline.
The sculpting of the artifact will insure no plagiarism and insure original remix of data collected.
It will be our team’s goal to be competitive and set the standard of the Competency Challenge.
Time limits have been set and are expected to be met in a timely manner individually.
The team will come together to finalize and agree on final submission of artifact.

Our Mission:
As a team we are committed to assist one another in reaching our individual goals. Furthermore we expect that everyone will automatically be a contributing factor in helping each other in reaching their full potential in their contributions and ideas in the Competency Challenge. Finally everyone is excited to work as a team and understands the value of meeting the Challenge and reaching the goal. Thanks! Coach Kurt