Now that the semester is coming to an…

Now that the semester is coming to an end there are so many things to mention along the journey we have all taken to complete this course. I believe one of the biggest and most important issues I have faced during this course was the importance of team work. Although there were speed bumps along the way such as starting off with four team members and then ending with three. Everything worked out for the best and I couldn’t have asked for better teammates. Kate, although you had some difficulty with the material you never gave up and was always willing to lead help and ideas for our teams success. My brother Kurt, your eagerness to learn and excitement for new experiences helped to drive us forward. I couldn’t have asked for better teammates and new friends. With the team building skills I have gained along the way I’m sure that in the future I will succeed in great things as long as I have a great team behind me for support. The best advice I can give anyone who is looking to become more competent in a technological world would be to practice and have patience. I find that the more you use a specific program, the better and more familiar you become with its applications. It may seem difficult at first but sooner or later you will be able to do much more than you could have ever thought possible. I am very grateful for the course instructors Rachael and Greg for putting together a great class experience even though it was an online class there was still no shortage of interaction with team members and fellow classmates. I thank everyone for their hard work and great input every week. Your contributions helped to improve the quality of work within the class.

MY Reflection of BUS 101 Fall Semester 2012…

MY Reflection of BUS 101 Fall Semester 2012 class –

Wow .. .This has been SUCH an experience and adventure for me . It started as a “check” mark on my “bucket- list ” really , something i felt i could handle since it was an online class . I wanted to acquire a college degree before i no longer could . Since many don’t know me, I have multiple medical problems that make my daily life a little challenging. I thought to myself , “I should “be able to do this , its online i don’t have to sit in a classroom for long periods , I can do this right ?! Well needless to say I was completely blown away . I used to say “oh yah,no problem ” I can do this “college” thing i’m older and wiser and know a lot , this is going to go by quick and painless cause i already know this stuff (business related management ) I’ve been doing it for 20 plus years ! Let me tell you , I WAS SO WRONG !! I felt confident taking this course cause i have a lot of computer knowledge and I definitely know how to use Microsoft Office products ( since i used it almost everyday ), well that wasn’t the case when this class started to get going and we did our first MyIT labs assignment . I was in awe , the program didn’t want to listen to me ! I mean i knew how to do what it asked , although it was MY way , the computer wanted me to do it the BOOK way .I got over trying to do it my way and to my amazement found and learned so much more than i already knew . The next challenge was the “group” assignment of the Technology Competition . I thought wait a minute this is an online class ! Why do i have to meet up with people ( not that im not a people person , it was more cause of the medical reason), i wont be able to do it ?! For a couple of days i pondered about dropping the class because i just didn’t want to do it . First there were problems with “my” team getting together ( lots of dropouts & switches) . Then it got resolved and i was placed with 2 great people Selena Goles & Michael Victorino . We met and it seemed we hit it off ! We came up with our plans and goals and off we went . The first couple assignments were done . In the weeks to follow several unexpected traumatic events had happened for me causing me to have difficulties with the work and I started to not be able to do the postings as i needed to, but my other teammates continued on , and might i say they have done a GREAT job for themselves . In conclusion , I will have say that there is a lot i have learned and will definitely be using in the future . My only regret is that i wasn’t able to complete the course as i’d have liked to. Rachael , I say MAHALO plenty to You ! Your unconditional effort as a teacher and your willingness to try to help me was well appreciated and will not be forgotten. To my teammates Selena & Michael you 2 ROCK ! I really am embarrassed to say that i DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING ( yes i was just as shocked) !!! LOL! Great job with the Stray Catz site.To the other teams, you ALL produced a lot of viable information that will for sure help me through my journey into succeeding and getting to make that “check mark ” off my bucket-list when i get my business degree diploma ! Its a good course and with effort and concentration one could quite far with the knowledge you can and will gain .Best of luck to ALL in YOUR College journey , I wish you the best . ALOHA !!

The most important topic that I learned was…

The most important topic that I learned was how to search the internet properly. I search the internet daily whether it be for school or for personal use. I was able to narrow my search much better while find sites that are credible for use. I often hear from other teachers that they frown on using wikipedia and web sources such as those for research. I was able to find information that I needed without going that route.

I have learned that although I am technologically savvy in someways, I still have lots to learn about technology. This challenge has made me realize that technology is always expanding and that I need to keep up with it or else I will get left behind. Being competent in technology will allow me to be ahead of others that are not and will give me the edge in real life situations.

I am accustomed to working in teams and I am very comfortable working with people. However I did learn the importance of working in teams and how much of an impact it can have on a student. I am currently taking ENG 200 and we are writing our final papers on methods of teaching. This class emphasizes communal learning. It’s other names are problem based learning or reality based learning. Students are brought together into groups to solve problems and puts the learning into their hands. This also prepares students in life as a very important part of a job is working with other people. I’ll definitely look at working in teams in school a bit more different now.

We definitely had a rough start with coming up with meeting dates since all of us has a very busy and unpredictable schedule. However we were still able to get quality artifacts posted in a timely manner. I believe that staying positive helped our team stay successful. We stayed positive for every issue we encountered and filled in the gaps if there were any for each other.

My advise for someone that wants to become technologically competent would first and foremost recommend to take a course in technology such as this one if they have the resources for it. It is very valuable for a person to learn technology from a teacher as they are able to provide what is important to learn along with making sure the information is credible. Another option is to use sources online to become more competent. Always do your research and read reviews before buying products. This will open doors to new information. Tutorials are also available online to keep up with technology.

When I signed up for this course I…

When I signed up for this course, I honestly did not believe that I would have that much of a challenge but I was proven wrong. I actually thought it was silly to be required to post an “alternative access plan” until disaster happened! I’ve learned that it is possible to produce quality work as a part-time student and at my full-time job.

The additional skills I’ve learned in the Microsoft programs were definitely beneficial. Although I was familiar with the programs beforehand, myITlab and our Technology Competency Project pushed me into expanding my knowledge. I am very thankful to work with a group that was willing to meet so frequently in the beginning. As we got our own procedures down, we lessened the amount and length of our meetings. Communication was established soon after we were assigned to our groups and everyone had a common goal – to have a great semester and to do their part so that we all may succeed with a good grade.

Many hours were put into this course. We were expected to spend at least 9 hours a week dedicated to this class. Members of the group were able to communicate through Google Docs and e-mail. Although we were not always able to meet as a complete group, the work was always completed. I liked that Google Docs provided us with a way to work on our worksheets together or separately on our own time.

Overall, I feel that this class was very organized. Our professors did an excellent job with putting together our weekly modules, providing resources and reminding us when assignments were due. On top of being organized, there was never a time that I had to wait on an e-mail response from Professor Inake. She was available to answer my questions even before the start of the semester. We had excellent instructors for this course and were always given great tips on how to improve our projects. We were given ample time to complete our assignments and weekly projects. I am thankful that our projects were spread out more towards the end of the semester after we did our class evaluation. A project every week was doable but it was stressful in the sense that many of us also have work, family lives, etc.

I hope that future students of this course understand that an online class takes dedication and a fair amount of time. Our team was successful because we understood each other’s schedules and sacrificed a few hours a week to meet. Once you establish the ground rules and are in agreement with one another, each member becomes self-motivated.

My advice on being technologically competent would be to keep up with technology. Get informed and stay informed. The most important topics to learn about is probably computer software and being able to navigate and find credible information via the Internet. Many times you will be able to find a Youtube video on how to “DIY” or recordings of news that you’ve missed. There is no excuse in being technologically incompetent as the resources exist for just about anyone.

Reflection When I signed up for this class…


When I signed up for this class, I was signing up to learn, understand, and gain as much knowledge on computers as I could because I knew that this would help with my future plans. Now, I know that I did not do quite as well as I hoped to have done, but I believe that I did get a better understanding of what I can do now. I now know a lot more than I did in the beginning of the course. And I know that if I didn’t do as well, its okay because it isn’t the easiest and it takes time to fully understand. This course was defiantly a learning experience, not only because of the individual work we had to do but also the team work. When we first were placed in teams, I wasn’t quite feeling it. I figured I could just do the work on my own but as I worked with my team I realized if it weren’t for the help of them, I would of had a much harder time understanding the work in this course. I also made a really good friend out of it. It wasn’t the easiest, we did disagree, and we did have our moments, but we stuck together, worked though it, and got through it. I think the most important skill I gained was learning on the MYITLABS. I did have the hardest time with that as well, but that’s where I really learned and gained to become more technologically competent. This is where it will help in my future career. My advice is for anyone who was in my position at the beginning of the semester, knowing basically not much,lol, I say take this course because it starts you from the beginning of how to use different programs that are very important to know especially out in the working world.
Kathleen Galloway

Individual Reflection During the time of this course…

Individual Reflection

During the time of this course, I have learned a lot from my fellow classmates, (Professor Walker’s Class) along with others from another class, (Professor Inake’s class). It was at first a little confusing as to what they were expecting from me, although I feel I have done well and tried my best throughout this time. I would like to take this time to reflect the things that I have done along with things I could have done better. I feel that I managed my time wisely at the beginning but towards the end I felt kind of lazy to the point where I would wait last minute to complete my assignments or I even forgot to do it because something else would come up. I would have kept up with my time management if I could change my past. The topics that were covered throughout this course were very intense sometimes due to the fact that it was all new to me but the most important topic I felt the need to know more information on was how to properly secure and manage your computer and protect it from spyware and viruses. I have had that problem in the past but never kept up with the maintenance for my devices. While doing these assignments in teams I would much rather liked it if we could have done it independently. I felt the need to worry about others and that would stress me out sometimes especially in the beginning when there were some of us who couldn’t get the work done on time or just didn’t know what to do. All in all, I liked my team very much, and I felt we worked great as a team. Although we did have our misunderstandings and technical difficulties, I wouldn’t have changed it. Our team had been successful with the encouraging words from each of us and with the help of others. I appreciate everything that each of my team members helped me with especially when I didn’t come through with my part of the assignment at times, and for that I apologize. This has been a very good lesson learned and an awesome experience for me to be able to be a part of. Thank You for the well-known knowledge learned and the wisdom shared and encouraged. It is and will forever more be grateful.

-TerraLee Rivera

This semester has proven to be a fun…

This semester has proven to be a fun challenging experience. I have learned a lot through various students posts as well as my own research. I specifically enjoyed learning about Access and have even taken a two day course separate from this class to become more knowledgeable. I have also learned a lot about where to find various information. Typically I would google things to get answers which can be valuable but I have learned specific credible websites to find information that can be valuable through the years. I’ve also learned that I am not nearly as computer literate as I had thought. While I am a quick typist and am familiar with most Microsoft programs and internet browsing there is a lot more to learn and a lot more skills to become proficient in. I was very lucky to have a great team this semester. I had a great Team Captain and other team members who were supportive and able to help me understand a lot of the GQs. We all held each other accountable which was very important in producing a unified team project. I think our twice a week team meetings were very helpful. While sometimes it was frustrating to have to meet so often it certainly saved us throughout the semester. The advice I would give someone in becoming technologically competent would be to utilize all sources available. Use your work, school, and any other sources available to keep up to date and educated with technology. Take advantage of any and all free training programs. Keep your computer systems up to date to ensure you are running the current programs. Do research before buying new things including software reviews and don’t undermine customer reviews!

Technology Competency Challenge What were the most important…

Technology Competency Challenge

What were the most important topics/issues you learned and skills you gained in becoming technologically competent?
Understanding, learning and sharing information on online research, critical consumption and “crap” detection, computer terminology, security and hacking, storage and open source software were all helpful in giving me a better grasp of what each category was. I think that I was level 1 aware of each of these topics, but teaching and learning from others gave me a better understanding on the variety of options that are out there. I would say the critical consumption was one of the most useful because honestly there are times when I find myself with information overload and going back to the basics of filtering, prioritizing and processing has helped me refocus in all aspects of my learning, in and out of school.

What did you learn about yourself and how would that be useful in your future?
I have learned about certain strengths I have an certain things I need to work on. I think that I need to make more time to try and integrate more current technology. My first step is using Apache Open Office – and open source software. I think this will help me gain experience and confidence in trying things outside my comfort zone.

What did you learn about working in teams?
Working in teams is quite interesting when there are variety of players of various generations, backgrounds and skills. I think that the process of team development: forming storming, norming and performing does hold true through the process of working together. I believe keeping the roles of the team organic is important for reasons of people leaving them team, personal needs of a person in a role, strengths of others for a certain topic, etc. Creating the contract and communication is key.

What helped your team to be successful?
Focusing on open communication, sharing ideas and respecting each other was a key part in our success as a team. Unfortunately we lost an awesome team member a few weeks in because she had to withdraw from class. However we were able to “bounce” back if you will with the cooperation and commitment of each member taking on extra work to make it work.

What advice would you give someone in becoming technologically competent?
Get back to basics. Whether or not you grew up with computers or not, I think we all have a lot to learn with getting to know things we just take for granted. Ie. understanding storage, the internet and it’s content and software programs and what you need them to do. Filtering and prioritizing and staying current with things like blogs and various resources that are real time, encourage interaction and cost effective can help you in the business environment.

The important topics issues I learned were Microsoft…

The important topics/issues I learned were Microsoft Excel and Access, in high school I was in a computer class and we used Microsoft 2003 and 2007, which was the basics of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, I just learned the basics of memos and spread sheets. From learning about Microsoft 2012, this was important in the technology competency challenge, because this helps me deal with the basics of memos but also goes into depth by changing the font color or put a picture. I felt that Microsoft Excel was helpful because it can help me more with spreadsheets and I learned more advanced skills while doing the MyIT lab. It was also challenging at times, because it was fast pace and also, you can go back to the videos and the book to see what I (the student) need to work on. Before taking this class, I didn’t really have much experience in computers, such as Microsoft 2010 and also computer (the tool) itself. I realize it’s more than just a tool to browse social networks, but it’s also a learning experience, especially the research process in finding your information for the Guiding Questions.
I felt that that Guiding Question 1, 5, and 7 was one of the challenging ones, because you have to do prolong research for your artifact and also, go into depth with your artifact and apply it to your final draft artifact. The Guiding Question artifacts was like writing a paper, first, the student did the research, then did a rough draft and did a final draft. This online course did help me and challenge me in many ways. It helped me because I learned some advanced skills from researching for the Guiding Question and also, learned from Access and Excel. It challenged me, because overall this is an online course, so it’s only you and the computer; although, your professor is on the other side of this portal, it’s your responsibility to get your work in on time online to your professor. At first, I was somewhat hesitant when choosing this class, because I thought we were just going to learn about Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I didn’t realize that making a PowerPoint slide could be difficult at times and excel is not only about spreadsheets, it’s more than that.
Another skill that I also gained, is working in groups, although, we didn’t see each other but we communicated through online and text messaging. I learned that working in teams could be challenging, because although you have communication, it will help that you should meet your team members one-on-one, so you can have a feel of how they are and what he or she can bring to the team. My group did help me a lot in my artifacts, since communication did help in my team to become successful. We also gave each other input in previewing each artifact too, which helped. Yes, we lost a group member along the way, but I and my team members did stick it out through the end. What made my team a success was that, whenever one of us had a question we asked each other and we helped each other out. In this course, the things that I learned about myself are that if you put effort in your work you can succeed in anything that you do.
The advice that I would like to give someone in becoming technology competent, that computer which some people think is a tool for just social network, it’s not just a tool to socialize, but it also has a lot of information that one can do to research. There could be complications on the way because there could be things that you can’t find on the internet. I feel that to become technology competent, one needs to get a feel of researching for something, it could be numerous things such as a “What careers is good for my major”, this can help by doing endless research. People also needs to get use to how technology work into today society and need to get an update what are the new technology, since everyone uses a newer version of something, especially a new computer. I also would suggest that you should t never give up in something that is challenging, especially when it came to the MYITLab, I had a hard time when it comes to the grader project, but some the Microsoft grader project I didn’t give up. When it comes to challenges it will help you along the way.

My involvement with the Technology Competency Challenge was…

My involvement with the Technology Competency Challenge was a great learning experience. I was able to learn a lot of new skills not only with Microsoft Office applications, but also with working in a group. Before taking this class I felt that I was pretty confident in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. After all the MyItLab assignments, I feel that I have learned so much more details with these programs as well as Excel and Access. I know that I will be able to transition these new found skills toward school and future occupations. Applying these skills into each week’s guiding question artifact was okay, but at sometimes also challenging. Probably the most challenging individual artifact to put together was the week in which we had to use Microsoft Excel. I learned that I really don’t like to use the Excel program and my artifact from that week reflects my dislike. This is my first semester taking online classes, which means that it was my first time working with a group online as well. Our group never decided to meet each other in person. All of our group interactions were via online on blackboard or thru our phones. This made it a little hard to get the whole group on the right page. The first month or so was really tough for me. I felt that there was a lot of miscommunication within the group and a lack of effort from each member. Honestly it was very frustrating at first. As time went on we were able to come together as a group and get on the same page. The communication got a lot better, and my thoughts of other group members began to change in towards a positive light. I later learned that it wasn’t a lack of effort from each group member, but more of a big miscommunication. I’m glad that I was placed into this group because I was able to learn a lot from these individuals. I learned a lot about communication, having more patience with people, and most importantly about forgiveness. Ultimately our group’s success came with our added appreciation for one another and a drastic increase with communication. My advice to someone who is making an effort to become technologically competent is to stay updated. Do this by reading articles from the internet and books about new technology and future updates. The main thing is to stay relevant and educated.

As I reflect on what I’ve learned through…

As I reflect on what I’ve learned through this course and through the Technology Competency Challenge, I’ve realized that there’s an enormous amount of information that I’d never known or even heard of. I had considered myself to be fairly computer literate before this semester, but with each week brought a new assignment which was a new “challenge” for me and that made me realize that there is a whole world out there (in cyberspace) that I still need to learn. I’ve seen myself and other class members grow through the experiences we’ve learned and developed throughout this course, which became evident through our weekly artifact postings.

Each assignment and Guiding Question challenged me to use my creativeness and the skills we’ve learned through each Project assignment, and through the encouragement and support from our instructors and classmates this has been the “ultimate” experience for me. I’ve not only developed fundamental skills for my future endeavors but I’ve also developed new friendships through working as a team.
Granted the concept of working as a team in a distant education course brought about some degree of difficulty but once we got our teams together, worked out the minor details as to communication methods, schedules and roles, the rest just feel into place.

Every week was like a new experience to me. Every week brought about a new challenge from the very first week of
 having to use a blog to
 performing internet searches for credible resources,
 to what, where and how the internet works,
 technological terminology, network setups,
 different search engines,
 data storage and back up issues,
 computer security and protections issues, how to detect, avoid and get rid of viruses,

But for me I found that learning what different types of software programs and applications are available on the market today was by far was the most interesting. Because it showed me that there were other ways in which we could locate these different types of software, understand just what they are and their purpose are and then where or how we could obtain the software that serves our purpose and budget.

Do you remember finding yourselves falling asleep at the computer? Or maybe asleep in class?I know I sure went through a lot of coffee! As funny or as familiar as this may seem, the best advice I could give someone is to be open-minded, don’t give up too easily –take each new experience as a challenge and make it fun because in the end you are the only one who’ll benefit, weather it be towards your education or business careers.


Before coming into this class I felt I…

Before coming into this class, I felt I was pretty decent with a computer. What I did learn a lot from, though, was the internet artifacts. I grew up using the internet, but it was always something I took for granted. It took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that it was a “network” of computers and servers. I was also introduced to MS Access for the first time. At first, I thought it was just a weird version of Excel that MS made up to make more money. I realized though, that Access offers organizational features I’ve never seen on Excel, such as organizing data on multiple spreadsheets without having to open up multiple files. I hope Access helps me stay organized in the future.
Working with a team on this project was also a very enlightening experience. I’ve learned that I’m a little rough around the edges when it comes to interacting with other people. The problem was especially exacerbated online, where I could only communicate through words and couldn’t rely on non-verbal communication, such as hand gestures and facial expressions. I’ve learned though, that even little typed greetings, such as “Hey [name],” rather than “Aloha, [name],” can change the entire tone of an email. During the first few weeks, I didn’t realize I was being impolite toward my teammates. This sparked other fires and the team environment became rather hostile. The whole experience is really not nice to think about, let alone share with the world (wide web). We were, however, able to rise above it all by bettering our communication channels. By this, I mean that we shouted, barked, used rough language; we just kind of let everything out, said everything we needed to say. Now, we’re managing pretty well. Going forward, I’ll try my best to address problems as soon as they arise, rather than let them fester.

Individual Reflection about the Technology Competency Challenge In…

Individual Reflection about the Technology Competency Challenge

In a minimum of 200 words, reflect about your experience in the Technology Competency Challenge. What were the most important topics/issues you learned and skills you gained in becoming technologically competent? What did you learn about yourself and how would that be useful in your future? What did you learn about working in teams? What helped your team to be successful? What advice would you give someone in becoming technologically competent?

I. What were the most important topics/issues you learned and skills you gained in becoming technologically competent?

As an older student returning to the College or the school environment, I learned computer competency is essential at home, at school and at work. I bought my first laptop in August in preparation for this semester. I attended school from 1985 – 1996 at a fairly large Institution (Kent State University) and never owned and rarely needed the use of a computer. I have always worked middle to upper management in the Warehouse and Distribution world and was aware of the evolution of its use within that environment but the computer stayed at work. My competency up to this point was self-taught as a matter of survival in the business world. I was quite pleased at the level I achieved. I feel even with this class I am still behind but in a lot better shape. I feel the “kids” raised with hands on computer education in elementary school and growing up in the app (phones) environment are at a tremendous advantage. Especially with Windows 8 (idea for your class) indicating what direction operating systems are headed. I checked it out and I definitely don’t like it, but I have been known to resist change.

Specific topics helpful and skills gained:

Windows and Word brush up. Excel information and training was even more beneficial and I gained a lot of information on Access. I had very limited knowledge (Access) up to this point, just man- handled Excel in past where Access would have been the program to use.
Whole new world for me regarding the Community Wall and Blogging. Definitely more knowledge on Social Media as a whole. Still no Facebook but getting closer to take the jump.
Collaborative software, especially Google Docs, How did I function in the business world without it?
How to obtain, determine and the importance of credible information on the Internet.

II. What did you learn about yourself and how would that be useful in your future?

Mainly that I have more creativity and patients than I ever thought I possessed. Attributes that I never thought I had or could use to my advantage.

III. What did you learn about working in teams?

To be perfectly honest, pretty much nothing. It went pretty much as I would suspect. In the late 80’s and 90’s, because of my employment, I participated and facilitated numerous team-building and team dynamic classes, seminars, workshops, programs, weekends, etc. Along with quality programs these two were always the buzz-words and hot topics of the time. I have served in pretty much every capacity regarding teams. It was still interesting participating in our team development, plus I got to meet some cool people.

IV. What helped your team to be successful?

Good people with a good work ethic, who had common sense and cared about their work. It has been my experience that it’s difficult, and in most cases impossible, to train common sense or to have someone take pride in their work. They either got or they don’t. I was lucky, mine teammates had it.

V. What advice would you give someone in becoming technologically competent?

Understand exactly what your needs are regarding the technology and then continuing to stay current, informed and trained regarding the appropriate aspects of the technology. Make it fun and enjoyable for yourself so it’s easy to stay motivated.

I learned so much about Microsoft Office 2010…

I learned so much about Microsoft Office 2010. I used to use Microsoft Office 2003, which is quite limited comparing to the 2010 version. I learned new skills by getting used to the new version. Before taking this course, I have some basic knowledge in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. By doing the myITlab, I learned more advance skills and now I can make my work more polished and organized. This helped me with my other courses, and I am sure it would be helpful when I am at work. Specific skills like adding reference( footnote, citation or caption), formatting the page layout ( page margins and columns), adding SmartArt, picture effects, animation and transaction effects are those skills that I really practiced a lot in this semester. For Access and Excel, I haven’t really used them before and I have learned so much about them. I think its kind of hard to use them, but I also found that they are very useful, so it worth learning after all. I learned how to use formula in excess and how to set the criteria, sorting, etc. in Access query. I am taking Accounting course, and practice in Excel is what exactly I need for my future classes.

Making artifacts is another challenge in this class. I was worried before I made any artifacts because we needed to do research, make a rough draft and produce the final, polished artifact all by ourselves. I didn’t know most of the topics that I worked on. Its a lot of work to start from zero to becoming an “expert” and try to present to others what you have just learned. I think this is a really challenging part. For example, I learned so much about computer protection. I learn the skills to prevent my computer from being infected. This is so helpful, probably would save me so much money and time for buying new computer( if it gets infected). Amazingly, we can accomplish and finish all the challenges, because internet make it so convenient for all of us. I think the most important thing I learned is to take your chance to learn something new online, don’t be afraid because all the resources you need is out there. And I think if you are willing to try new things, and to learn, I can be technologically competent, for now and future.

Working in teams is difficult, because I needed to cooperate with others, and sometimes making compromise are necessary . When choosing the subtopic, I needed to be aware of what my other team members were working on, so that we as a team can answer all parts of the topic question. Another thing is that we needed to join our individual artifacts together, and polish it into one team artifact. I can’t do it without my team members, so we need to schedule meetings to talk about it, which takes time. I learned how to keep things simple and clear, so that all team members understand each other. I also learned to use the blackboard, which is a new tech for me. Lastly, I learned how to be a leader. In our team, we takes turn to be the leader, and as a leader, we need to do our own work, and also help others too. I think the most important thing that make our team successful is that we help each other. We will send messages to remind each other of coming deadlines. Also, if someone forget to do something, say posting on team blog, other team members would help to finish the job even if it is not their responsibility.

My advice to people in becoming technologically competent, is to be brave. Sometimes it take courage to learn new technologies. Just take the initiative the learn new things in your life. Don’t be afraid that you are not capable enough to learn the advance tech. It just take practices. And be aware that the technology improvement never stop. So we all have to push ourselves more and more. More researches and more quality artifact would help people to become technologically competent.


Individual Reflection and Comments About The Technology Competency Challenge

Individual Reflection 

In a minimum of 200 words, reflect about your experience in the Technology Competency Challenge. What were the most important topics/issues you learned and skills you gained in becoming technologically competent? What did you learn about yourself and how would that be useful in your future? What did you learn about working in teams? What helped your team to be successful? What advice would you give someone in becoming technologically competent?

  1. Minimum of 200 words.
  2. Due  Wednesday 11/28 (18 points).
  3. Tag your post, reflection.
  4. Refer to the Individual Reflection Rubric

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This semester has proven to be an interesting…

This semester has proven to be an interesting one. I have seen growth, and confusion. There was some new things learned where more of the semester was review. I however did learn some new things with tables in Excel, as well as different formatting abilities within Word. However, the PowerPoint for the most part was almost all review as I’ve played around with it so much that all the things that were brought up, I have done before. However, it did bring them more to the surface for me to remember how to do them again.

The specific skills I learned in Word were about how to fully utilize the WordArt as well as inserting objects into the document. In Excel I learned how to manipulate the tables more, and how to change the look of the graphs so they look more appealing to the person reviewing the charts.
Overall when it comes to myself; I learned more of how in depth my ability to challenge myself is, and how I can achieve the goal I set out for when given the opportunity. For this class my goal was to keep a high grade, and turn in my assignments as early as possible. For the most part I was able to accomplish this task with little obstacles.

Teamwork however, is something I’m not accustomed to, and likewise am still not that accustomed to. The team I had however, was easy to work with, as we all had a busy schedule so we found a means to work around our busy schedule, and still keep up with the assignments. Everything worked out smoothly for us, with little issues along the way. What helped us greatly is that anytime any of us had a question regarding an assignment the other two would respond with their input, and everyone was always informed of an issue along the way so that it was made aware of with enough time to correct the issue before the grades were assigned.

The only kind of advice I would give a person in becoming more accustomed to technology is that: Although technology is a great tool, it is just that – a tool. It is not a replacement for the old-fashioned methods of research, nor is it a replacement for hard work, it is a means to an end. It makes certain jobs easier, and others more difficult; it can connect you from places around the world, and also make you more distant at home. It is both good and bad. The good is that it can allow for research and networking to be done like never before. However, the bad is that the interpretations can many times be misunderstood due to the tone that the person reading what you are typing is reading the document with, regardless of what tone the author of the document being read had when writing it. It can also project false statements that are easier to disprove than prove, and on the flipside can provide truth that can be hard to prove because the fiction is easier to believe.
So for all the future tech junkies out there that want to get their hands on everything new that comes out, or for those that want to just catch up to this day and age – remember that technology is a great asset when used in its most prominent function, and where what is being said is a known fact or can be tangibly proven.

One final piece of advice is to never give up, the answer will always be found when we keep pushing, even when it seems like that answer is behind a solid steel wall. Understanding will soon follow, and we will see and understand what we’ve been trying to learn.

I think GQ5 “How can one secure his…

I think GQ5 “How can one secure his/her computer to protect him/herself from hackers, scammers, and identity thieves and how can he/she avoid, detect, and get rid of viruses and spyware?” is the most important topics. Because computer is very useful and convenient; however, there is also risks that privacy is leaked by hackers or Viruses and Spyware enter the computer. So, learning how to protect our own PC’s is very important as long as we use the internet.

Most of topic that we learn in this class was new to me. I knew I have less skills and knowledge about a computer than classmates. I have never taken computer class, so I’m glad to learn a lot about computer a computer through eight guiding questions. “How to find credible sources” and “Storage and backup” are very useful in the future. I researched a lot for many classes, so I will use research technique that I learned from GQ1. Also, my laptop was broken during this semester, and I didn’t know about backup and storage, so I lost everything in the laptop. Now I knew about storage, I will try to use “online backup” soon. GQ6 was very useful to me.

Working in teams was very helpful to me. Meeting online is sometimes difficult to meet everyone at the same time; however, our team (Cutting Edge Support) did really well. Everyone worked hard with their responsibility for every assignment. In addition, I started learning English from last year, so I cannot communicate in English well, but they never annoyed about me, and they helped me a lot when I didn’t understand something. The meeting twice a week and everyone’s responsibilities helped our team to be successful.

I would advise “Don’t give up” to someone. When the first few weeks, I was thinking to drop this class, because it was very difficult to learn about computer in English than I thought, and I didn’t expect there are a lot of team projects in online class when I registered this class. But there were a lot of works in teams, and I felt so sorry for my teammates because of my poor communication in English. However, they are very nice to me so I could finish this class. “Don’t give up” is important to become technologically competent for even people who are beginner of using computer.

The important skill I learned from this Challenge…

The important skill I learned from this Challenge was using MS Excel and MS Access. I’ve only used MS Excel couple times back in middle school but never actually had a few assignments on it. I learned more about each one and how to work my way around to improve what I already knew which was very little. Using either of these could help me in my future career as a Health Information Technician because it’s all about dealing with records, either paper or electronic records in the form of Excel and Access. So knowing how to use them is extremely helpful.
I liked working in teams for this Challenge. I loved my team members. We started out with four but lost one member and it was only us three which didn’t make a difference or damage us in any way as a team. Week to week we still completed what we had to do and my team members were very helpful when I went to them for help on certain assignments and I helped them any way I could. We succeeded by always helping each other and made plans the start of each week to make us more organized to finish promptly by the end of the week.
To be technologically competent, I suggest the individual should do their research any time they can about anything they have questions about. Al so, they need to be up to date about today’s technology as it continuously changes and enhances into more advanced systems. All the advice I can give is to keep on reading and researching and keep up with all the changes technology goes through.