Suggested schedule for creating team artifacts

Week 1

  • Monday
    • Read the Guiding Question. As a team determine roles and responsibilities (step 1 team planning worksheet). This can be done asynchronously.
  • Tuesday
    • Each team member chooses a different subtopic/part of the Guiding Question, and writes his/her own question to answer and make sense of his/her subtopic.
  • Wednesday
    • Meet or email each other to determine if all team members questions (step 2) will answer the ENTIRE Guiding Question as completely as you can. Revise the questions as needed.  This can be done asynchronously.
  • Wednesday – Friday
    • Each team member completes steps 3-6, and in step 7, each team member describes the individual artifact they intend to create. Here is an example of how each team members needs to complete the planning worksheet.
  • Sunday
    • If needed each team member revises their own plan (steps 2-7) based on feedback.

Week 2

  • Monday – Friday
    • Each team member creates his/her own artifact using MS Office to answer his/her question and make sense of his/her subtopic/part listed in step 2. (Refer to the Individual Artifact Rubric.) To upload a file to your team’s shared folder in Google Docs to share with your team what you created for your artifact, follow these directions.
  • Saturday – Sunday
    • As a team in the “Team Artifact” section (Step 7), collect all of your team’s individual artifacts and shape it into ONE team artifact that answers the entire Guiding Question. (Refer to the Team Artifact Rubric.) This can be done asynchronously.
      • Write a short summary of how the team artifact answers and makes sense of the Guiding Question.
      • Include each team member’s artifact(s). You can upload it to your team’s google docs folder and link to it or mention it in the place where it should go in the team post as you are composing in step 7 of your doc.
      • Before each artifact, write the team member’s subtopic/part, his/her individual question, and a short introductory description.
  • Everything should flow together as ONE team artifact.

 Week 3

  • Monday
    • Post and publish your completed team artifact, that answers the entire Guiding Question, to your team site.

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