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Summer Fun Challenges 2015

Carlos via Compfight   June Twitter Challenge – 50 Tweets in 21 Days Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Twitterer, you’ll have big fun sharing and connecting with your colleagues. How it works: Register for the Twitter 21 Day Challenge that starts on June 1, 2015. Tell your co-workers to register too! You’ll receive a daily email with your challenge for…

The AHA Moment

Quite honestly, most days teaching is a challenge. It is exhausting. It is thankless. It can be depressing even. But, every now and again you just have this great moment when a student suddenly just gets it. And that is why I teach.
I Teach for that Mo…

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One main reason why I love to teach is when I explain the biological events to my students, I wish to show them what is happening on a molecular level inside and outside of a cell. When something is not working for a group of cells and for a long period of time, we see…
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