All About Me

I am from here in Hawaii.  I am currently living in mililani. Ive been living here my whole life. I guess mililani is known for trojans since thats out mascot. A lot of stereotypes in mililani is that people think only rich people lives here which is not true. Mililani is cut in half where part of mauka is where the rich people live and then the bottom half is where the decent people live. meaning they are not poor or rich. My parents taught me to always work for what you want or need because I need to learn how to be independent since a lot of kids in mililani, they get EVERYTHING from their parents.

My Name

My name is Chanel. I once asked my mom why did she name me chanel? She told me its because my grandma’s favorite perfume was chanel #5. Thats why everybody would call me that.  When you google my name, it shows that is a French name but most of the time it just comes up as channel. If I was to give myself a name it would be Yoko because it sounds like a cute Japanese name.