PSA Reflection

I decided to do my PSA on Racism. I opted out of joining a group for this project just because my schedule is fairly odd and would definitely clash with others, hopefully my availability will be better for the next semester. I initially planned to shoot and edit a PSA because making videos is my hobby, but because my “actors” could not film on the days I could, I decided to just do a PowToons animation.

The filming process from pre to post production was nothing new to me as I’ve done it myself and have been part of other productions, my favorite part will and always will be post production because that includes using and editing system. However, in this case I didn’t really enjoy PowToons because the website buffered for very long amounts of time. It was very agonizing sitting there at midnight waiting for the image options to load every two seconds. I chose racism as my topic mostly because I thought we had to do a serious topic, and racism is an issue I take very seriously. I did not know I could do a PSA on why anime “sucked”. Had I did, I would have done something more comical.

I hardly used narration or description to really tell the story of the PSA. In fact, I only used narration to define racism and to state a solution. I didn’t really feel like a PSA should be narrated but I do know I should have been more descriptive.

The music, I felt, hit the viewers emotions just as much as the animations did. The music I used was a rather slow, emotion felt guitar solo called Whispers by Priolan. The music had a hopeful feeling at the end but PowToons did not really let me edit the music so I could end the PSA on the hopeful side of the song. My description of racism and the victims of racism hit the logical appeal.

Truth be told, I didn’t dive to deep into my research with racism, but I did try to find statistics about racism in America. I didn’t really find a general statistic that quantified the amount of racism in America as a whole, and actually found statistics in select cities. I didn’t feel those kind of statistics really had what I was looking for so I didn’t use them. I also kept finding about African American racism, which is probably the race that experiences it the most, however I wanted the message of my PSA to be that anyone can be a victim, so those statistics didn’t fit either.

The fact that I made that PSA in less than 3 hours makes me fairly proud, especially since I was gassed out through the day because of my double shift and workout. So I’d say I’m fairly proud of the final product in that context. However, once I take a step back and look at how much time I had to really make a quality PSA, I’d say I’m pretty ashamed of it. The final product was lackluster, rushed, and had as much thought as my mind could put into it after a very tiring day. Although I’ve looked at my ups and downs on the final project, I would like to add that I did not touch PowToons until I used it for this PSA, and I feel like I did pretty well for a first time use on PowToons. In that sense, I feel great pride in my technical skills when it comes to using editing systems from the beginning.

If I could do this essay again, I’d probably pick a more fun topic. I didn’t know I could pick a less serious topic for my PSA. If I could change the topic, it’d probably be about stinky people and their need to take a shower. I like to have fun with my videos and prefer a comedic feel, doing something like racism in a comedic way is like playing with fire. If I take one bad step I could really get roasted for doing it.

Going to be quite honest and say I don’t understand question nine. But if I learned anything about writing my PSA out, it’d probably be learning the significance of storyboarding. I hardly, if ever, storyboard my videos out. Storyboarding helped me visually see what I wanted to shoot, even though I didn’t really shoot anything from my storyboard. This ties into my visual learning style. I’ll be using storyboards more often.

I learned that I need to really stop procrastinating. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to film a couple days ahead, but never started the animations for a while. I lack discipline when it comes to things I don’t enjoy. The thing I didn’t enjoy wasn’t the making of a PSA but moreso the making of a PSA that I couldn’t put my heart into. Of course I treat racism seriously, but I couldn’t add my wisecrack like feel into it, so I didn’t have much motivation to do it. I’ve always had more motivation to do things I enjoy, but this PSA made it more evident to me.

Who I Am As A Learner

One of the biggest things that has changed in my writing is my rambling issue. At the beginning of the semester I had a fairly bad habit of rambling too much and making my topic sentences rather wordy. The biggest example of this was my ENG 100 essay two. My first paragraph was horrid. The thesis was more than one sentence, which it should not have been, the three points weren’t really clear, and I didn’t even get three points! However, after that nightmare, I finally started noticing my errors in being too wordy and sort of fixed it. I’m still working on not rambling but being able to notice when I’m being too much is a start of a very beneficial, more concise change. I never thought I used transitions fairly well back in high school because I was never really taught how to effectively use transitions or even if I was using them correctly. The outlines that we did for every essay in ENG 100 helped me out with this. So did your feedback, thanks Ms. Chang (you da realest lol). Although this next part isn’t strictly a writer’s improvement, I feel like I got way better at researching because of the research tutoring sessions we had.

One of the biggest writing goals I’ve set for myself in my first essay in ENG 22 was that I wanted to be a better writer by hitting the pathos appeal more because I never really liked feelings. As of now I’d say I kind of achieved this goal as I’m starting to use more pathos in my writing especially in the research essay in ENG 100 (about the bill I was supporting). Another goal I set for myself was to find what I really wanted to do with my life as a digital media major. In that sense, I failed that goal of finding what I wanted to do in media. However, I did figure some things about myself. I wanted to make a career out of my hobby, which was making videos about things I like, and I soon realized that if I was professionally learning media as a major, it wouldn’t be just a hobby anymore. I did not want to lose the hobby aspect of making videos because I felt that the fun would be taken out of it, so I switched my major into something I’d felt was something I would like to learn professionally. The major I changed to was education, which set me on the path of being an english teacher in Japan, the country I love.

Although these goals were fairly small in all honesty, but I’m glad they were accomplished considering I struggled a tad bit during my first semester of college. This was my first semester of college, and school after a whole six months of academic inactivity. This led to me having very little motivation to do much because I was still in my break mode. That has changed considering it’s the end of the semester and I can assure that I won’t be too out of it next semester. The rough schedule that I had from my two jobs and school really messed with my biological clock, thus affecting (please tell me I got this right) my performance in a volatile manner. The major challenge I had with this semester was my introverted personality. Personally, I detest my introverted tendencies and would actually love to be more social with people because I believe that the whole college experience is about networking and knowing people for when you get older and graduate college. However, even with this belief I found myself always sitting down with earphones blasting music to give off the impression that I did not want to talk. I have joined the Ka’ Mana’o which I hope helps me with my personality.

As a learner, I don’t think I’ve really changed. I still prefer to learn visually and see how things are done. My visual learning habit most likely stems from my analytical mindset. The logic that goes through my head is that if I don’t see how something is done, than I wouldn’t know how to replicate it and would most likely fail. The best example for this is through my workouts which is steadily, and still is, growing a lot more effective and showing more results. One of the back workouts I did at the beginning of my bulking journey never felt like I was doing it correctly because I didn’t feel the pain in the muscle the workout was supposed to target. However, after seeing a video of how to correctly contract my muscles to make sure I’m hitting the right muscle for that exact workout I was able to replicate it. After replicating the contraction of muscles, I finally felt the pain that I was supposed to feel. If you were wondering, I’ve gained ten pounds since I started working out (I haven’t gained weight in two years…).

Adding on the the analytical mindset I have, I’ve strongly defined myself as a thinker. I enjoy looking at things in an analytical way. It may be my undoing when it comes to personal things, but critically taking things apart and logically making decisions makes me feel safe. Using my feelings would cloud my judgement, however I do understand how being a “feeler” can be effective. The best example to illustrate my “thinker” personality was during student discussions about essay ideas. Obviously, not everyone in the classroom is a “thinker” meaning that their essay ideas may stem from feelings or other mind sets. With my “thinker” mindset I was able to put my input into other people’s ideas which I felt bolstered their essays content.

Although I’d love to assess myself even more, the essay is getting to the three page limit so I’ll just state that I’m strongly a Generation Z due to my high aptitude for technology. However I do see some of millennial traits within my like making the world a better place through building communities.

Is This Write?

Imagine an aspiring Japan-bound teacher having the opportunity to study Japanese in Japan for free, and he was just a great personal statement away from being accepted, but he just did not know how to make a personal statement worth reading? That student was me before I visited the Writing Center to receive aid in making an outline for my personal statement for my Freeman Foundation Study Abroad program application. I can confidently say that with the help of Kay Emocling, my appointed tutor for my session, that my chances of being one of the ten students to study in Japan are very high with how strong my personal statement will be. I urge students in a writing bind to visit the Writing Center in the Learning Commons building. In the Writing Center, one would find students tutoring students alike in any kind of writing assignment. These tutoring sessions can quickly be set-up through an appointment, between 8am to 5pm from Monday to Thursday and 3pm on Friday, application online only taking seconds, or simply through a drop-in appointment. However, the Writing Center staff does urge one to sign up for an appointment with a designated time window rather than dropping in. From there on, it’s 25 to 55 minutes of whatever writing help that a student has asked for. After my experience with the Writing Center, I can wholeheartedly say that I will be asking for their aid again and urge all students to visit the Writing Center because it offers help with classes outside of English,; they have many resources available to students; and it has a because of the good learning environment.

To begin with, students should go to the Writing Center because of the coverage in classes that can be helped with in the Writing Center. Before touching up on the tutors themselves, the Writing Center has their website on the Leeward Community College domain that contains short explanations of common writing topics. Some of these writing topics include drafting a thesis statement, idea organization, and transitions. There is also a bin that holds many handouts that have advice in different writing pieces such as scholarship essays, argumentative research essays, and much more. After these outside sources come the tutors themselves. Kay Emocling, a tutor at the Writing Center and the tutor that helped me with my personal statement, has said she’s seen writing assignments “like lab reports and math projects” (Emocling) come through the door and have been helped with. This opens up the options for the Writing Center as it can be used not just by English students, but students of other classes. It may be a common misconception that the Writing Center only helps with English assignments because “writing” is usually paired up with English, but this is not the case. Anyone that needs help with any kind of writing material, even outside of English class should come into the Writing Center.

Following the versatility of the Writing Center is the many resources that can be used in the Writing Center. Other than the plethora of handouts and outside sources that the Writing Center website has, there are other resources that provide a tutor-like experience without a students having to come in and have a one on one experience with one of the student tutors. Before any other resources are mentioned, it is important to inform people that these tutors can also do tutoring sessions through Skype as long as it is within Writing Center hours. This proves to be convenient for those who cannot be at the session physically; do not prefer to have a face to face meeting; or need some quick advice while doing an assignment at home. Other than the option of a non face to face tutoring session with a tutor, the Writing Center website also has Focus Workshops that deal with writing aspects that students may find themselves having trouble with. Laurie Kuribayashi, the Director of the Writing Center, gives an example stating, “If you got an essay back and found all these comments saying ‘frag’ or ‘WC,’ you could go on the website and sign up for a Focused Workshop for that.”. Kuribayashi further explained the Focused Workshops and how they worked. Focused Workshops were basically a smaller group lesson for students who signed up for a session would all get help in a writing aspect at the same time, essentially feeling just like a smaller classroom. This may work better with students who feel better in a group learning environment. Kuribayashi also states that “We try to make the Writing Center accessible for every student considering their college life” (Kuribayashi). College is a rather difficult experience for every student, no matter how smart the student. Every student will always come to the point where advice is needed. Kuribayashi made the Writing Center so that any student, even out of writing, can get help with the coordination of Success Connection Workshops. These workshops have presenters that offer help in many topics like financial aid opportunities,; studying tips,; psychological help,; and group work advice.

Lastly, the learning environment also plays a fairly large reason as to why one should get help at the Writing Center because the tutors enjoy their work. Emocling stated, “I want to be a teacher, and I work here because I enjoy helping people” (Emocling). Personally, I would not seek aid from people that do not enjoy giving aid and am a firm believer that doing something that one enjoys, or even loves, improves the quality of work. Pairing the fact that some of the tutors are aspiring teachers and enjoy helping students and Kuribayashi’s belief that the good learning environment in the Writing Center is “a collaborative effort between the tutors and the tutee” (Kuribayashi). The effectiveness of the Writing Center is obvious and does not push a student away. Through my experience with the Writing Center and my session with Emocling, I felt rather comfortable even when I was stuck with my personal statement. The tutors go at the student’s pace so it it won’t feel as if the tutors are rushing through your appointment.I wouldn’t say a student should come inside the Writing Center to study since there will be talking happening around the room, but the tutors are friendly as I’ve also had experience with the tutors outside of the Writing Center. The environment is more towards a learning environment than a studying environment.

All in all, the Writing Center has coverage in different classes;versatility in its resources; and a good learning environment. I have thoroughly appreciated the time that I spent obtaining help with my personal statement essay and will be coming back for more help, and so should other students in need of writing assistance.

Fututre Generations

Malama itself means “to care,” so when I hear that word I think of the future generations and caring for them. One topic I’m researching that involves caring for the future generation is education under funding in Hawaii. Education is important because it is what will lead the children after us to change the community or be part of the community positively. Without a well-funded education system, we wouldn’t be able to get the most out of the kids after us.

The Writing Center

The campus resource I wrote about was the Writing Center. After my research and interview at the Writing Center, I’ve learned a few things and better understand this campus resource. The Writing Center, obviously, is a place that offers help with writing assignments. The help is in the form of studen tutors and other sources. I referred to the website and got an interview with a tutor that helped helped me with a personal statement. Laurie Kuribayashi also offered some interview assistance. Kuribayashi is the director of the Writing Center. Every student will have a writing assignment of any sort for any class, and I’m confident that the help is effective.

Nothing is Impossible…If You’re Smart.

“No cliff is so tall that it cannot be scaled,” or to put simply, nothing is impossible. I personally believe that if there is a goal that one dreams, schemes and yearns for everyday, then that goal is possible no matter what the opposition or difficulty. However, one cannot just put their mind to their goal and believe s/he can achieve this goal. One must have the insight and knowledge to know what must be done.

“Learn all you can, then practice” is the quote that goes hand in hand with the previous quote. Basically I believe that nothing is impossible as long as one sit down, take in the information and insight during the process, and puts everything into practice. Nothing is possible if done haphazardly.


I was born in Japan, but where I live is Mililani. I’ve lived in Mililani my whole life. Mililani is seen by most other high schools as a rich school, despite is public school status. I’ve never really felt like I was rich, in fact I was very poor for a very long amount of my life. High school is really the only time I experienced stereotypes pertaining to my hometown but I never heard much stereotypes when it came it Mililani students other than the rich people thing.

I Don’t Care

I apologize but I am of the few individuals without a middle name. However, if I could choose one it’d probably be something like “Basara” because it means “over-the-top” in Japanese. To an extent, I really don’t have a first name either since most people refer to me by my last name. The name “Reyes” apparently sticks to me better, which by the way means royalty in Spanish. Christian was given to me by my dad. He named me after Duke’s University’s best basketball player of all time, Christian Laettner. Before you ask, no I’m not a basketball player. I prefer wrestling. My dad named me after Duke’s hothshot not because of how brutally good he was at ball, but because of his personal philosophy about himself. His philosophy essentially went around the lines of not caring about what people think about you unless said people are your close family/friends. I’ve come to respect that belief and am who I am because of it. Do I like my name? Not really.

Personally the name, “Christian”, is too bland for me. I want something that sticks and sounds cool. Lars or Emmet seems to have the gravitas I’m looking for. wow I’m looking back at this now and I sound like a dork HAHA