Minutes October 21, 2010

Attendees:  Bradley Ashburn, Leanne Chun, Ryan Girard, Junie Hayashi (recorder), Kris Hernandez, Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Helmet Kae, Warren Kawada, Blanca Polo, Jan Shimabukuro Lee, Melanie Van der Tuin, Greg Walker

Absent: Corey Adler, Michael Cawdery, Natalie Yuen

  1. Introduction of new members
  2. Discussion of Mind Map and its use. Thank you everyone for signing up!
  3. Subcommittees:
    • Assessment -Rachael (chair) Ryan, Warren, Natalie, Leanne
      • eCafe:  20 questions needed.
      • Laulima Innovation Award: Award process is very grueling, but last year refined the process to make it easier.
  4. Student readiness – Blanca (chair) Kris, Melanie, Jan, Junie
    • Are students ready for online courses?
  5. Faculty readiness – Michael (chair), Helmet, Brad, Brent
    • Are faculty members ready for online courses? Started sharing of courses with faculty last year and need to follow up
  6. Administration – Greg
  7. General Discussion
    1. Need for DE orientation for students
    2. Need for DE orientation for faculty. Some faculty may get resistance from own departments.
    3. Aren’t all problems experienced with DE courses similar to those experienced with face to face classes? What is the difference? How can we overcome perceptions that DE is harder, easier, or just different?
    4. Some DE meetings may be virtual (Elluminate)

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 18, 2010 12:30-1:30pm L108

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