DE Faculty Support Sub-committee for Instructor Enrichment, Enhancement, and Assessment (DEFS)


To provide all Leeward CC Departments and Divisions with DE instructors with a support web to ensure and enhance quality of DE course offerings. This web will be woven and strengthened by UH system instructors using best/innovative practice in DE courses.

Wings of encouragement:

Enrichment Wing


  • showcase of best practice


  • recognition of instructor of the month
  • identify and contact DE power instructors
  • create functional website with examples of Leeward CC best practices
  • create lunch hour for interested instructors

Enhancement Wing


  • resource of baseline tools with instructional tutorials


  • identify instructors who desire and are willing to learn new tools
  • create functional website with examples of tools used by Leeward CC instructors organized to address basics to DE, baseline industry standards, and enhancements for well developed courses.
  • create lunch hour for interested instructors

Assessment Wing


  • Review for the campus wide improvement of DE courses


  • What are the courses and Who are the instructors?
  • Speak with division chairs about initiatives to support DE faculty
  • Disseminate basic rubric for an effective DE course
  • Speak with administration/div. chairs about peer assessment of DE courses on a annual basis

Next Steps:

  1. Obtain list of DE courses
  2. Obtain list of DE instructors with contact information
  3. Develop questions for instructor survey
  4. Develop questions for div.chair/department coordinator survey
  5. Create survey for instructors to gather information about resources
  6. Create survey for div.chair/department coo. for DE
  7. Create structure surrounding course review process

2011 Goals

  1. Release surveys to faculty and Admin
  2. Build community for DE educators
  3. Provide means for DE course review by individual, peer, administration
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