Minutes November 18, 2010

Attendees: Warren Kawano, Ryan Girard, Michael Cawdery, Sharla Hanaoka, Helmut Kae, Blanca Polo, Leanne Chun, Corey Adler

Report Out of Subgroups:

1. Faculty Sub-committee

The subgroup will identify who the effective DE online instructors and catalog it to share it across disciplines. Would like to include Division Chairs in the process to find out who is interested in developing their entire program online. Would like to ensure we are providing students a quality product.

Greg shared the DE mission statement.

Plan of Action:

The subgroup will survey the DE online faculty using Google Docs. They are soliciting questions from the group.

Michael will ask everyone for the Google accounts.

2. Assessment Sub-committee

Looking at all the eCafe questions and trying to narrow it down to 20 questions. The committee is using the DE Guidelines. The subgroup will share the questions with the committee by next meeting. Additional questions can get approved.

DE Guidelines – Michael Cawdery asked if there is a self-evaluation checklist? Goal is to have a checklist. Let’s revisit the LCC DE Guidelines. We may want to have a Bronze, Silver, Gold level of DE course. Greg offered to put together comparison of our current DE Guidelines with the Quality Matters Guidelines. He will bring it to the next meeting.

3. Student Sub-committee

Encourage Counselors to encourage students to familiarize themselves with Laulima and counsel them on whether or not they are ready to do Distance Ed.

One idea is to create a Facebook for Leeward (ie: Leeward Blanca Polo). “Friend” the student to improve student-instructor interaction. Helmut suggested putting an Organization page with links. He is using it to create a network of students. Posts current content. Avoids having to be friends with everyone. One-login.

Greg stated there is an optional Distance Ed Laulima orientation. It is held on Saturday morning before semester starts.  >80 students come. Most students don’t come.

New Student Orientation incorporates Laulima training. It is conducted as a game-based training. The plan is to make this into an online training.

Greg mentioned they are in the planning stages to create an online community for DE students so they can connect and get support.

3. Future Projects

Greg would like to create a more transparent sharing environment. Minutes will be posted online. Greg asked subgroup also post meeting minutes online.

Greg asked for the subgroups to meet before the next meeting and post the minutes online.

Next meeting: Thursday, December 9 at 12:30. Potluck lunch.

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