Minutes January 27, 2011

Attendees:  Michael Cawdery, Leanne Chun, Ryan Girard, Junie Hayashi (recorder), Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Helmut Kae, Warren Kawano, Blanca Polo, Melanie Van der Tuin, Greg Walker

1.         Call to Order

2.         Approval of Minutes (no Minutes)

3.         Ecafe Questions

a.         Faculty Period March 7 – March 31 http://www.hawaii.edu/ecafe/

b.         Committee redesigned questions/survey

1)    List of 16 questions – instructors can pick 4 personalized questions

2)    Questions highlighted in grey are new or rewritten questions

3)    Evaluation of instructor versus SLOs

4)    What was the reason for the eCafe survey? General DE program questions? Student evaluation of course or instructor or both?

5)    Still open for discussion, not ready for decision yet

4.         Laulima Innovation Award

a.         http://emedia.leeward.hawaii.edu/EMC/laulima_award

b.         Ready to go, just sign up and submit a form

c.         Due Friday, March 18, 2011 (right before Spring Break)

5.         ADA for DE courses – what are the standards for online courses, what do we have to do? Michael has a disclaimer that he uses. We should also check with Kris Hernandez.

6.         ICS100 cable course – Panel discussion – digital literacy (students, faculty members, employees)

7.         Committee reports-please report on your goals for spring. What do you plan to do and accomplish?   

a.         Faculty Sub-Committee

1)   Create online community of DE Faculty (all DE faculty – 60%) – share courses/tools

2)   Include division heads, support instructors/faculty (31 division and discipline chairs – 40%)

b.         Student Sub-Committee

1)         Create four videos (Youtube)

a)         Is online learning right for me?

b)         Laulima basics

c)         Who do I ask?

d)         FAQs

2)         Use Facebook groups for classroom communication

c.         Assessment Sub-Committee

Announcements – none

New business – none

Next meeting:  Feb 24, 2011 in L108 12:30 – 1:30pm

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