Minutes April 28, 2011

Attendees: Bradley Ashburn, Leanne Chun, Ryan Girard, Sharla Hanaoka, Junie Hayashi (recorder), Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Warren Kawano, Chris Matz, Melanie Van DerTuin, Greg Walker

1.       Call to order 3:00 PM

2.       March meeting – no minutes, but you can review the Elluminate recording-Play

3.       Committee approval of the defintion of a hybrid DE course

a.       http://flightline.highline.edu/distlearn/hybrid.defn.htm

b.       http://adncip.waketech.edu/tech_presentation/Hybird_Courses.pdf

4.       eCafé update

LeewardCC eCafe Questions for DE Courses

a.       3 reworded and 3 new questions

b.       10 recommended questions are already in eCafé  (last 2 questions are                           listed under #296)

c.       Chair will send new/reworded questions to eCafé

d.       Committee needs to decide what is next step. Should questions be                               mandatory? If so, which questions?

5.       Laulima Innovation Award upate-Awarded May 6th?

a.       2011 submissionvideos – 5 weresubmitted

b.       Subcommittee will review submissions and choose winner by next Monday (May  2nd).

6.       Accreditation – DE (getting numerous requests)

7.       FacultySubCommittee Report

a.       Create online community of DE Faculty to share courses/tools

b.       Planning round tables several time during the semester in which one instructor will be featured to share with question and answer session. (Meredith Lee contacted Cindy Martin to share her Laulima course.)

8.       StudentSubCommittee Report

a.       Create four videos (Youtube) – Videos will also include student                                     testimonials. EMC has already produced several videos that can be used.

1)       Is online learning right for me?

2)       Laulima basics

3)       Who do I ask?

4)       FAQs

5)       Use Facebook groups for classroom communication

b.       iLearn@ Leeward

c.     iLearn@ LeewardNing – All DE students will be invited to join the community which will be the one stop shop for students.

9.       AssessmentSubCommittee Report

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