Minutes September 12, 2011

Attendees:  Greg Walker, Blanca Polo, Leanne Chun, Melanie VanDer Tuin, Michael Cawdery, Chris Matz, Meredith Lee, Heather Aihara, Rachael Inake, Brent Hirata, Helmut Kae, and Warren Kawano

Meeting in L-108 called to order at 2:40 PM.

I.  Introduction of Members

II.  Approved meeting minutes of April 28, 2011.  The Chair confirmed he sent in the questions to eCafe administrators to add, but they haven’t been made mandatory in eCafe since the DE Committee didn’t decide to.

III.  University of Hawaii Community Colleges’ Online Learning Strategic Plan

There’s an initiative led by Peter Quigley for a online learning strategic plan for UH community colleges.  Michael Cawdery and Leanne Chun are going to help with the University of Hawaii Community Colleges’ Online Learning Strategic Plan.

IV.  Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation

V.  Leeward CC Accreditation Report

DE Committee is to review accreditation write-up and recommend missing policies and procedures.

VI.  Authentic Online Learning Project (Perkin’s Grant)

AOL is a year-long endeavor that instructors (from CC campuses) will create an authentic activity and assessment.  Committee members were asked to volunteer for AOL.  Melanie V. and Rachael I. volunteered to be mentors.  Results from the project (i.e. the instructors’ authentic activities) will be created in Google Sites and shared with everyone to use, remix, etc.

VII.  DE Committee Appreciation Letters for 2012

Each sub-committee chair to report what their subcommittee did for the year by May 2012.

VIII.  Subcommittees

A.  Each subcommittee to decide on their goals by next month’s meeting.  (See membership page for list of subcommittees and their members.)

B.  Faculty Subcommittee – The subcommittee requested results from student surveys for DE (in surveyshare).

C.  DE Committee divided into their subcommittees to meet and discuss goals for the year.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM

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