Minutes November 26, 2012

The DE committee is now a senate ad hoc committee. The Committee will report to the  Faculty Senate and to Mike Pecksok.

The DE Committee no longer has subcommittees.

Student satisfaction survey.

  • How to get survey replies and turn them into recommendations for DE faculty.
  • Best practices and recommendations based on student responses.
  • Helmut reviewed the student survey and found course organization and communication as two notable topics.Students are usually satisfied, if they know what and how to do the work and if they can contact the instructor if they need help.
  • We need to map the guidelines to student survey responses.
  • Look for trends in the responses.
  • Ask for a composite view of their experience. Zero in into the things that we need to work well.
  • Do we send the survey now or next semester?
  • Decide on the way the survey is worded now. Examples:
    • How did the class go for you?
    • What do you feel it is important to you?
    • What are the problems and what are the good things?
    • Conduct and interview focus group with DE students.
  • A Google Doc was created to review and comment on the current student survey questions by the next meeting.

Division chairs want to be able to access online courses.

  • Provide them with guidelines so they know what they are looking for and assess DE courses.
  • Helmut commented that there are issues with people that do not want others in their online classes.

Faculty involvement with Distance Education

  • Division Chairs De Course evaluations
  • Rubric to help Division Chairs evaluate DE courses
  • weekly email of best practices/recommendations


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