Minutes January 28, 2013

Attendance: Michelle Igarashi,  Susan Waldman, Warren Kawano, Greg Walker, Michael Cawdery, Helmut Kae, Blanca Polo, Rachael Inake, Brent Hirata

  1. Actions:
    1. Collaboratively worked on re-wording and revising DE Guidelines in student terms (Google Doc).
    2. Assessment Guidelines – Completed revision
    3. Interaction & Collaboration Guidelines – Completed revisionFuture: Melanie volunteered to review the Google document from the perspective of ENG 19 students.
  2. It was mentioned that the Laulima Award had been announced and we need to focus on what needs to be done to evaluated submissions this year.
  3. Helmut is going to email the div chairs regarding their request to obtain access to all online courses.


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