Minutes February 25, 2013

Attendance: Greg Walker, Helmut Kae, Rachael Inake, Chris Matz, Michelle Igarashi, and Heather Takamatsu

  1. Update on Student Friendly Wording of DE Guidelines
    • Unfortunately, Melanie was unable to attend, thus discussion was postponed until next DE meeting on March 18th.
  2. Update on Division Chair Request for DE Course Access
    • Helmut emailed Division Chairs inquiring about the purpose and function of the proposed DE class evaluations.
    • DCs would like DE classes evaluated like face-to-face classes, per Division guidelines at least once a year, as one Chair remarked, “to ensure we are doing the best we can for students.”
    • According to DCs, this evaluation would focus on “probationary faculty” members albeit DE Committee members were unsure as to how to define this term.
    • Questions also remain if DCs would like each course every instructor teaches to be evaluated per year or each DE instructor evaluated per year.
    • This would be a peer as opposed to top-down chairperson evaluation. Evaluators would be selected from instructors with DE experience. Helmut suggested the committee devise a list of committee members who could serve as evaluators.
    • Greg brought up the Quality Matters survey, but Helmut stated it was too long. The committee is looking for a short, concise document that divisions could easily apply.
    • While divisions would be free to use own criteria and forms, Greg will draft a set of 3-4 bulleted DE guidelines and post them to Google Drive for committee perusal. We will discuss suggestions at the next meeting. Keep in mind we will be making recommendations not policy. The point is to bring DE courses in line with face-to-face ones in regards to peer evaluations.
  3. Evaluating Laulima Innovation Award Nominees
    • So far, Greg has received one (1) application.
    • During the Laulima Show and Tell section of Professional Development day, Helmut will make a pitch for more applicants.
    • Applications due Friday, 3/22 at 4:00PM to Chancellor’s office. Those interested need only fill in form, available at LCC’s website. We will spend the two weeks following Spring Break to view and evaluate submissions (each video approximately 2 minutes in length). Please do this on your own, then we will meet as a committee before the end of the term to discuss applications and select a winner. At the next DE meeting, we will receive an update on applicants.
  4. Next meeting: March 18th at 3PM—same time, same place, same bat channel.


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