Minutes September 23, 2013

Attendees: Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Carina Chemisky, Susan Waldman, Warren Kawano, Helmu Kae, Michelle Igarashi, Greg Walker, Blanca Polo

  1. Develop a systematic evaluation of online courses for effectiveness in meeting student needs and providing identical student learning outcomes as face‐to‐face courses.
    1. Last year, worked on updating student survey
    2. We need to have survey ready in Fall 2013 for implementation in Spring 2014. We will review Google Doc “DE Guidelines Written in Student Terms.”
      1. Issue: multiple classes, how will students assess each class separately.
        • Need second layer of ID so students can do individual evals/class.
        • Greg already has 5-6 years of surveys; he would like to align prior surveys with what we are developing now. He will review and discuss at next meeting.
        • Presently, we have two surveys: eCafe-course specific and a general survey for Leeward DE courses. What are the differences? Similarities?
    3. Web Posted Survey and Questions -open for accreditors and “world” – transparency in education
        • Goal: student data which informs instructors are to what they are successfully doing, areas for improvement, and what they should be doing.
        • Inform DE instructors of course effectiveness.
        • Results not edited before posted online.
        • Power of survey: students voice course evaluation not administrators
    4. In conjunction with the Curriculum Committee, develop standards, criteria, and evaluation tools for evaluating the quality of online courses.
      1. System to peer evaluate
      2. Implementation necessary so will be DE not correspondence course
        • Approval process to run online courses?
        • DE peer eval part of evaluation process (once every two years=part of rotation)
        • Helmut will look over Google Doc “Peer Evaluation Process for DE Courses Taught” and discuss with DCs at AC meeting
  2. Eventually change name of Laulima Innovation award to something else.  It’s way low priority as we won’t advertise until the Spring, but something to think about.
    1. We must articulate if hybrid courses count.
    2. Clarify criteria ASAP
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