Minutes October 21, 2013

  1. Discuss systematic student evaluation of DE courses: DE Guidelines in student terms
    • How do we deal with multiple classes? Greg states that in the past, no matter what, multiple courses = muddled data.Multiple surveys per class? Who will take it more than once? – hard enough to get students to do it once
    • What is the purpose of the eval? What do we want to learn from the data? Are teachers using the guidelines? To align with accreditation. Evaluate DE as a whole. If you look at students’ perception of DE at LCC, longtitudinal data can measure how we are doing. Perhaps? Introductory statement informing students of purpose of survey, and what to do in the event of multiple courses – “This survey is to capture a snapshot of the students’ perception of online courses on campus.  We understand that students may take multiple online classes; please give your answer as to how you feel about the general state of online classes at Leeward CC.” How does this sound? Change all the responses to “Always, Most, sometimes, never” instead of the “Strongly agree, etc…” that it currently is now.
    • Tabled for now
  2. Discuss Peer evaluation of DE courses, and progress of communication with Div Chairs
    • Helmut sent out email to Div Chairs looking for preliminary approval of process (for email sent, see below).  One responded. In personally talking to one Div Chair, they seemed receptive to the idea, no major glaring issues One minor recommendation to the evaluation form – clearly indicate that evaluator must be given access to Laulima course and act as student for some time. Helmut will talk to other Div chairs in person or over phone, and bring up this topic at faculty senate this week. The idea is to have this process ready for “launch” in January when the Div Chairs can bring this up at their division meetings:
    • Email sent out to Div Chairs:Hello Division ChairsThe DE Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Faculty Senate, has been discussing how to maintain a high level of quality amongst the DE courses that we are offering on campus.  Piggy backing off the small kine discussion we had at the end of the last academic year (included below, just in case you don’t remember where we left off), we have created a process that involves asking all DE faculty to have their courses peer evaluated on a regular basis.  The following is a draft for your perusal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1faKp0_l4_Ss3I-iy1VuweffHwfqbVdTW0uIdN87jNNk/pub

      The question we’d like to ask you is, are you willing to support such a process?  (I hesitate to use the word “policy”)  Would you pass this on to the faculty in your division and ask them to include their DE courses as a part of their regular peer evaluation cycle?  If you don’t like what we’ve written, are there any changes you’d like to see?

      I guess that’s three questions.  Any feedback you can provide us would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to focus on our goal of ensuring that our students taking DE courses are receiving a high level of quality.  We feel that this process is the least intrusive of any of our solutions, and doesn’t differ from the process we use to maintain a high level of teaching for our face-to-face classes.  In fact, this process is no different from the peer evaluation process; the only thing we ask faculty to do is to include their DE courses when asking for peer evaluations.  We know that many faculty already do this.  It would be nice if all of them did.


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