Agenda November 18, 2013

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Discuss systematic student evaluation of DE courses
    1. Survey preview
    2. Additions
      1. Introductory statement informing students of purpose of survey, and what to do in the event of multiple courses – “This survey is to capture a snapshot of the students’ perception of online courses on campus.  We understand that students may take multiple online classes; please give your answer as to how you feel about the general state of online classes at Leeward CC.”
      2. Change all the responses to “Always, Most, sometimes, never” instead of the “Strongly agree,
  3. Discuss peer evaluation of DE courses
  4. Conversion of DE Committee from ad hoc to standing committee

Amendment to Article IV.10 Distance Education Committee

A. Functions

  1. Serve as the primary voice of the faculty senate concerning Distance Education on the Leeward CC campus;
  2. Ensure that DE is assessed annually using approved assessment methods, under the control of faculty;
  3. Work with faculty teaching DE to recommend actions and/or support designed to ensure quality of DE courses is equal to face-to-face courses;
  4. Review the Leeward CC Distance Education program from the viewpoint of faculty and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

B. Membership

  1. The Committee Chair is a Faculty Senator, appointed in accordance with ByLaws;
  2. Members should be faculty with experience teaching a DE course;
  3. At least 0ne non-faculty involved in the Leeward CC DE program (e.g. APT, Administration, etc);

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