Agenda February 10, 2014


  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Thanks Susan)
  2. We will discuss the results of the student survey that we worked so hard at.  If we could all review it prior to the meeting, that would be nice.
  3.  We need to come up with the official name of our DE award.  I’ll share the results of the survey we took last semester.  We will also discuss how to advertise.
    1. The intent of this award is to highlight examples of educational applications which fall into this innovative or transformative category.
      1. 10 voted. results:
        Outstanding Teaching Online Innovation Award 0 0%
        Outstanding Online Teaching Innovation Award 0 0%
        Innovative Online Teaching Award 3 30%
        Outstanding Online Teaching Award 1 10%
        Outstanding Online Educator Award 1 10%
        Online Teaching Innovation Award 2 20%
        Excellence in Online Teaching Award 3 30%
  4. Laulima Award documents
  5. Advertised by email to all DE faculty and in the Bulletin -Calendar Events. Plus word of mouth. It is best when Committee members ask faculty to apply.
  • We also need to finalize the faculty senate by-laws.  I’d like to have something final by next month.

Formal agenda:

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