Minutes December 9, 2013

Called to order 3:10 pm

Present: Brent Hirata, Carina Chernisky, Christian Ganne, Greg Walker, Heather Takamatsu, Helmut Kae, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Melanie Van der Tuin, Susan Waldman, Warren Kawano

Helmut started the meeting, stating that Corey Adler from Social Sciences will be joining the Committee in the spring. At that point, all academic divisions will be represented.Minutes of the November 18 meeting were approved. Greg will post them to the Committee site. Discussion began with the agenda. It was noted that agenda item #3- eat, should be moved to number 1. Upon approval, the eating commenced.The next agenda item was final discussion of the student satisfaction survey. The numerous edits and long hours were gratefully accepted and the survey was approved for release to this semester’s students in its current, much revised version.  Thank you to all who worked so hard via lengthy emails to get this work done.

 The remaining agenda item was conversion of the DE Committee from an ad hoc Faculty Senate committee to a standing Faculty Senate (FS) committee.  To do this, the DE Committee needs to be included in the FS by-laws. Helmut stated that he had heard that the Senate will be completing its by-law revision work in Spring 14.

 Helmut offered a brief history of the process: during the recent Accreditation process, the College was informed that the current DE committee, under the charge of the VCAA’s office, needed to more closely work or be under the aegis of the Faculty Senate. Accordingly, a faculty member (Helmut) became the Committee’s chair, the Committee became a FS ad hoc committee, and Helmut began participating in Faculty Senate. After two years as an ad hoc committee, FS ad hoc committees must become “standard” committees, necessitating a change in the Senate by-laws.

The Committee decided to table discussion of the differences between the DE charge from the VCAA’s office and the proposed by-law changes drafted by Paul Lococo, of the FS.  Committee members expressed concerns over wording, committee composition, and responsibilities.  Ultimately, it was decided to review the two documents during the spring and draft a version of the FS by-laws that more closely matches the current committee charge.  (In Google Drive: Review of Faculty Senate By-Laws)

As part of the discussion, Greg mentioned that he would need to check with the VCAA’s office regarding funds for the Laulima Innovation Award and see if the VCAA still wanted to fund the award. That opened discussion of the need to change the name and eligibility for that award.  Typically, there have been a lack of submissions, which seemingly resulted last year in many submissions that were not online courses, but rather f2f courses that used a lot of online tools, including Laulima.  The Committee discussed changing the award’s name and eligibility, as well as the requirement for the use of 3 Laulima tools and the status of “hybrid” courses at Leeward.

Current name, purpose, and eligibility- http://emedia.leeward.hawaii.edu/emc/laulima-award

Outstanding Teaching with Laulima Innovation Award

The resulting change suggestions were:

·       Eligibility: any faculty or lecturer who teaches an online course at Leeward CC.  Online courses are designated as such by the room designation of “WWW” in the course schedule, and/or inclusion in the UH Distance Learning course listing available to students (http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/courses/index.php).  (Any faculty or lecturer previously nominated may be re-nominated provided the faculty or lecturer has not been chosen as a recipient of this award within the last five 5 years.)  (can Brent apply?)

·       A minimum of three (3) Laulima tools must be included in the course (e.g,Gradebook, Sylllabus, Announcements) The nominated course must be innovative in its use of technology for online instruction. (my suggestion-sw)

Name of the award suggestions- to be voted on by the Committee via a Google Form:

·    Outstanding Teaching Online Innovation Award

·    Outstanding Online Teaching Innovation Award

·    Innovative Online Teaching Award

·    Outstanding Online Teaching Award

·    Outstanding Online Educator Award (does this imply student input?)

·    Online Teaching Innovation Award

Discussion of the name change must be resolved before the February 10 meeting to allow for time to disseminate the new title.  It was not clear if new eligibility requirements were also needed before that meeting. It was also not clear if the VCAA’s office will continue to fund this award if the Committee moves to the Faculty Senate.

Should we also add a caveat that the award may be canceled if there is a lack of interest in a particular year?

Enjoyment of sweets and sushi continued!

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.  Next meeting is Monday, February 10, 2014, 3pm.


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