Minutes September 29, 2014

Called to order at 3:03 PM in LC-108A.


Present:  Brent Hirata, Carina Chernisky, Dalybeth Reasoner, Karim Khan, Heather Takamatsu, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Greg Walker, Daniela Dutra Elliott, and Warren Kawano



  • Approval of minutes from February 20, 2014


    1. Election for secretary: call for volunteers. As there were no volunteers, all committee members will serve as secretary on a rotating basis.  It was agreed that we would go in order (based on where everyone was seated)


  • Carina, 9/29
  • Warren 10/27
  • Dalybeth 11/10
  • Karim, 12/1
  • Daniela, 1/12
  • Michelle, 2/9
  • Heather,  3/9
  • Rachael, 4/13
  • Greg, alternate


  • Reports


      1. The DE Committee is now a standing committee of the faculty senate.


  • Old Business


      1. eCafe
        1. The topic of adding a required question to the e-survey tool was raised. The purpose of doing this would be to measure whether students are interacting with the content, with other students, and with the instructor. For accreditation purposes, if student and faculty are saying the same things about these interactions, it’ll be more beneficial to the program.
        2. Rachael and Greg will look into the matter, research it, and create a required question for the committee to review. There is currently one required question right now for the campus. The proposed question would replace the previous required question.


  • New Business


    1. Peer evals
      1. Each spring, the DE Committee offers an award called the Innovative Online Teaching Award (IOTA). The judging for this award is based on an extensive rubric. It’s been suggested that the rubric be used by DE teachers as a guide/supporting document when evaluating their DE peers.
        1. Doing so would allow each instructor to think about things that he might not initially consider (when designing his own course and when evaluation his peer’s effectiveness).
        2. When designing a new course, the IOTA guidelines should be consulted so that the instructor knows what’s being evaluated. Thus, evaluating a peer with the rubric resource would assist the instructor in creating his class to meet the general DE standards
      2. This new procedure can be implemented in Spring 2015. Greg volunteered to draft up a process.
    2. DE Faculty Survey
      1. DE students are currently surveyed on their satisfaction with the course (DE guidelines, the course, and services on campus). The DE Committee discussed whether it’d be beneficial to have DE instructors complete the same survey, which would be optional and anonymous.
        1. If DE faculty were to complete the same survey, the DE Committee could examine the results and identify patterns. The goal is to ensure that faculty and students are seeing eye-to-eye.
      2. The DE Committee unanimously voted to release the survey and to include new questions. The survey will have the same questions given to students, but will contain additional qualitative questions.


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.  Next meeting is Monday, 10/27.


  • Next Meeting


  1. eCafe – Rachael and Greg will suggest a question regarding interaction to replace the mandatory eCafe survey question.
  2. DE peer eval process – Greg will look at the IOTA checklist and the current DE peer evaluation and create a process for DE peer evals where faculty member self-evaluates first and then peer evaluates, using the IOTA rubric as an addendum.
  3. DE faculty survey – Choose 10 student survey questions for the faculty survey. Create one qualitative question to suggest for the faculty survey.


Next note taker:  Warren 10/27


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