Minutes January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Present:  Brent Hirata, Carina Chernisky, Heather Takamatsu, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Greg Walker, Daniela Dutra Elliott, and Warren Kawano



Note taker:

Daniela, 1/26

Michelle, 2/9

Heather,  3/9

Rachael, 4/13

Greg, alternate


  1. Called to order at 3:03 PM in LC-108A.
  2. Approval of minutes. Minutes approved.
  3. Reports
  4. Old Business
    1. (Dalybeth and Daniela – Update)  DE Faculty Survey  – Create a one question survey to get feedback from DE faculty to be given at the end of the year.

Faculty survey questions.

Describe the survey: Input to the DE committee.  Ask the faculty what they would like the committee to work on starting Fall 2015. Is faculty using what the committee has worked on in the past? E.g. questions on the student survey. Are people in the faculty senate using it?

Highlights/Accomplishments for the DE committee: Greg will work on it and will report back to the committee in the next meeting. We will use google forms. We decided to email the campus the highlights and have a link on the bottom that allows people to give feedback to the committee.


  1. (Warren – Update) Ask human resources for current list of DE question possible add them to GDoc  Hiring Committee- List of DE Questions.


Warren got the questions and they were not very specific. HR welcomes us to submit questions to their library. Gred, Michelle and Warren will work on it for our next meeting.



As a digression, interview questions normally fall into four (4) categories.


  • The first is the “icebreaker” questions which try to put the interviewee at ease while soliciting general educational, experiential, and training information (e.g., Tell us why are you apply for this position?  What education and training do you have that may apply for the position?  What experience do you have in…?)


  • The second category is “job-specific.”  These question deal with the major/primary duties and responsibilities of the position. In a collegiate setting, the questions of this type focus on personal instruction strategy/philosophy; ability to work independently as collectively; experience in accreditation or program assessment.
  • The third category are the “scenarios.”  These are common real-life situations that a faculty member may encounter and seek to assess how the interview would handle the situation.  Usually there is an irate student situation; an under-achiever; or possible a less that desirable colleague.  The questions give you insight as to how the interview may handle a situation; if s/he really has encountered such situations; and if s/he can come up with an approach that is generally acceptable.


  • The last category is the hands-on exercise.  These questions require the interviewee to demonstrate their subject matter knowledge.  They also assess the interviewee’s ability to handle stress, the unexpected, and to think off the top of their heads.  Some committee have the interview do a short five-minute presentation on one topic from a short-list of topics.  Others have the interview do the “first day” scenario where the course outline and ground rules are laid out.  Some have the interview evaluate an actual student paper to see if the interview can provide constructive criticism.
  1. Distance Education Peer Eval w/ IOTA rubric supplement  (Do we want to add the new form to the website?)

Need to fix the form so it is easy to fill out.



  1. DE Student Survey Results (Update following use of revised survey questions) http://blogs.leeward.hawaii.edu/iteach/


We looked at the results. Online tutoring is the lowest (29%)

Interaction has always been the problem with online courses.


  1. New Business
  1. Faculty Senate Chair- Requesting committee to consider an official list of DE acronyms and definitions on our website (Brent email 12/17/2014).

Brent will work with student helpers to get this done.

  1. IOTA starting up again (Greg)

Greg needs help getting people to submit applications.


  1. Next Meeting

February 9.

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