Minutes February 9, 2015

Note taker:

Carina, 9/29
Warren 10/27
Dalybeth 11/10
Karim, 12/1
Daniela, 1/12
Michelle, 2/9
Heather, 3/9
Rachael, 4/13
Greg, alternate

I. Call to order (3:09PM )

II. Attendees: Dalybeth, Daniela, Karim, Michelle, Warren, Rachael, Brent, Greg, Christian

III. Approval of the Minutes (approved)

IV. Reports

V. Old Business

1. Compose a memo / highlighting the DE committee accomplishments for this year.

Include a foot link or (Button) to a Google form with the intent of gathering feedback. (

Greg )

A. Greg did system-presentation. Leeward only campus that tracks success all the

way through.

B. Greg will put his presentation on i-teach.

C. Proposal: make page with highlights of DE committee, ask committee for


1. Greg: we need to give faculty incentive to fill-out feedback form. Not

enough to simply ask for comments.

2. Greg: maybe volunteer focus group

Brent: What is our goal? What will we do with feedback?

Greg: Student engagement, community building in online courses is still


3. Greg: Look at IOTA guidelines and revise DE guidelines as too old and

does not incorporate student engagement. Both need to reflect each

other. IOTA reflects new teaching practices. Guidelines do not.

4. Karim: need feedback from DE instructors. Committee review then rest of


5. About 180 instructors currently teach online at Leeward. More lecturers

than full-time faculty teach online. If they are added late, email addresses

will not make it to DE list.

6. Daniela: Offer pre-semester workshop to increase online “classroom”


7. Greg: Look at what other colleges world-wide doing to increase

interaction. One workshop not enough.

8. Brent: Surveys could be end-of-the-semester faculty comments.

Greg: We need to be strategic in sending out surveys to illicit results.

Articulate goal and purpose.

Brent: DE committee is open to suggestions for improvement for next


Karim: We should try. Perhaps a simple question, “What can we do to

make DE classes more effective?” Maybe we could send out form second

or third week of each semester. Chair of DE committee will send out to


Brent: no due date, so faculty can respond whenever they have a

concern or suggestion.

Dalybeth: Word in terms of continuing program.

Brent will create and send out Google Doc to faculty.

2. DE Hiring Committee Question-(Greg, Warren, Rachael)

-Table until next meeting

Will take a look at IOTA award rubric. Use it to develop a scenario based hiring

committee question which Mike Wong will work with us to approve it and he will create/

add to his collection of HR approved question.

3. Update on developing a list of DE acronyms and definitions to be hosted on our EdMedia

website for faculty and students.

-Includes UH specific terminology

-Will be forwarded to Momi for Faculty Senate and will be on blog.



4. IOTA:

-Volunteers to be on the IOTA award sub committee

-Review award application process.(March 20 application deadline)

-Only those not applying

-Dalybeth, Michelle, Daniela will be on committee

-Warren: because the presentation time is limited, it makes meeting each criteria


-Warren: Maybe make a presentation?

-Greg: Videos for samples.

-Brent: Live presentation?

-Greg: Shouldn’t be an easy process but want applicants at the same time.

Maybe limit presentation to “best” thing about course.

-Presently 15 minute video, reduce to 10. Most innovative aspect from each

criteria to discuss and can look at course.

-Michelle: Quality over quantity.

-Same rubric, you choose ONE innovation.

-Committee revisit recording process.

-Review IOTA guidelines (Greg)

IX. New Business

X. Announcements

XI. Adjournment next meeting: March 9 (Monday at 3-4 PM)

AY 2014-2015 Distance Education Committee Meetings:


2015: 1/26, 2/9, 3/9, 4/13

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