Minutes March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Attendees: Brent Hirata, Carina Chernisky, Dalybeth Reasoner, Karim Khan, Heather Takamatsu, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Greg Walker, Daniela Dutra Elliott, Christian Ganne, and Warren Kawano


Note taker:

Carina, 9/29

Warren 10/27

Dalybeth 11/10

Karim, 12/1

Daniela, 1/12

Michelle, 2/9

Heather,  3/9

Rachael, 4/13

Greg, alternate


  1. Called to order at 3:00 PM in LC-108A.
  2. Approval of minutes
  3. Reports
    1. Distance Education Faculty Survey – (Brent)  Emailed to all DE Faculty (Feb 18, 2015) Results gathered
      1. Received 15 responses after sending the survey out once
      2. Brent will send out the survey again in March as a follow up
      3. Responses can guide us for next semester
    2. Added list of DE acronyms and definitions to the DE Committee blog site. – (Brent)
  4. Old Business
    1. DE Hiring Committee Question-(Greg, Warren, Rachael) Question document.
      1. Greg and Rachael used DE guidelines to write questions
        1. Greg and Rachael thought about what if an applicant did not teach online in the past so reworded some questions
      2. Warren used IOTA rubric
        1. He used excellent criteria and scaled it back for rating for below 5
        2. He used same criteria but separated the strategies and materials sections from the IOTA
      3. Next steps
        1. Keep all questions created by Greg, Rachael, and Warren
        2. The same committee will create the rubric for all questions
        3. Warren will forward to Mike Wong from HR for pre-approval after rubrics are completed
  5. New Business
    1. Approved minutes will be copied and pasted onto the DE blog once again
    2. Innovative Online Teaching Award:
      1. The committee would like to have 4-5 people to apply for award
        1. Committee to encourage colleagues to apply before deadline-3/20
        2. Applicants can find award information on EMC site
        3. Brent to send email next week to gather more applicants
      2. IOTA award sub committee (Dalybeth*, Michelle and Daniela) please familiarize yourself with the timeline for the IOTA award and plan accordingly.
        1. Greg will complete all videos by mid-April
        2. Subcommittee will meet to decide the winner
        3. Subcommittee will write congratulatory and non-winning letters to applicants.  Past letters are stored in drive.
      3. In the future, the committee may want to include in the application that the Laulima sites will be showcased online so applicants know ahead of time
      4. There will not be an additional DE meeting after the April 13th one to hear the IOTA award sub committee decision
  6. Next Meeting: April 13 (Monday at 3-4 PM)
    1. To do…
      1. DE Hiring Questions Committee to share updates
      2. Encourage applicants for IOTA award
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