Minutes April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Note taker:

Carina, 9/29

Warren 10/27

Dalybeth 11/10

Karim, 12/1

Daniela, 1/12

Michelle, 2/9

Heather,  3/9

Rachael, 4/13

Greg, alternate


Attendees: Brent Hirata, Dalybeth Reasoner, Heather Takamatsu, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Daniela Dutra Elliott, and Warren Kawano


  1. Called to order at 3:07 PM in LC 108A.
  2. Minutes from March 9, 2015’s meeting was unanimously approved.
  3. Reports
    1. Distance Education Faculty Survey – Brent emailed the survey to all DE Faculty on Feb 18, 2015 and shared the results with us. We will use these results to come up with what we plan to do next year.
    2. DE Hiring Committee Questions – (Greg, Warren, Rachael) – Asked the committee for feedback and to let us know by next week Friday if they have any comments, suggestions, or feedback before Warren sends it to Michael Wong.
    3. IOTA applicants – (Dalybeth, Michelle, Daniela) – Five of six applicants’ videos are ready for review. Dalybeth, Michelle, and Daniela will review and meet to discuss and choose a winner by the end of this month, April.
  4. Announcements
    1. Letter of appreciation – Brent asked the committee to email him anything in specific that you’d like him to include in your letter of appreciation.
    2. DE Committee Faculty Senate Senator – Brent is off of Faculty Senate next semester so the DE Committee needs to find a Faculty Senate Senator to represent the DE Committee since the DE Committee is now a part of the Faculty Senate. Refer to the Faculty Senate website for a list of members. Preferably, having someone who teaches online would be good to have to be on the DE Committee and to represent us. The committee should reach out to potential candidates. Let Brent know before August otherwise the Faculty Senate Chair, Momi, can assign someone.
    3. The DE Committee will reconvene in August for a new academic year. Let Brent know if you do not want to be on the committee for next term. Ideally, we would like to have someone represent each division.
    4. The first item of business for FA 15 is to look at the DE instructor feedback survey results to plan what the DE Committee should work on.
  5. Adjournment at 3:30 PM
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