2011 DE Committee Sub-Committees

  1. Reports by subcommittee chairs-
    1. Assessment subcommittee-2011 goals
      1. eCafe questions in for Spring  2012- Put all 16 question under institution?
      2. DE Committee Feedback on recommended eCafe questions. completed
      3. Submit new eCafe questions. completed
      4. Distribute recommended questions to Divisions & DE faculty. completed
      5. Implement eCafe questions in Fall 2011. completed
      6. Evaluate Laulima Award questions.
    2. Faculty subcommittee 2011 Goals
      1. Release surveys to faculty and Admin completed
      2. Build community for DE educators-ongoing
      3. Provide means for DE course review by individual, peer, administration.
    3. Student subcommittee-2011 Goals
      1. DE Handbook for Students
      2. Create four videos (Youtube)
      3. Is Online learning right for me?
      4. Laulima basics
      5. Who do I ask?
      6. FAQs
      7. Use Facebook groups for classroom communication


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