Minutes October 19, 2015

Attendees: Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Daniela Elliott, Hardeep Kharbanda, Warren Kawano, Abdul-Karim Khan, Pete Gross, Naiad Wong, Dalybeth Reasoner and Jeffrey Breitenfeldt.

  1. Called to order at 3:03 PM in LC 108A
  2. Minutes from September 21, 2015’s meeting was unanimously approved
  3. Status update DE Hiring Committee Questions
    1. Tabled until next meeting
  4. Tasks for 2015-16 DE Committee. How to proceed with Distance Education Faculty Survey (Responses)
    1. Discussed having workshops tailored to specific classes/issues as something we could potentially do
    2. Teaching squares for DE
    3. Brown bag lunch for DE instructors
  5. Ideas for Subcommittees?
    • Innovative Online Teaching Awards (IOTA)
    • DE Faculty Idea Exchange
      1. “Teaching Squares” for DE faculty members
      2. Talk about issues within your DE class
      3. Tips on how to solve issues within DE classes
      4. DE faculty question/response
    • DE Survey and Evaluation
      1. DE Faculty
      2. DE Student questions
      3. DE Hiring questions
      4. Focus groups? Three a year/ one per division to get in depth feed back from faculty
      5. Members from the DE committee can be responsible for getting feedback from their divisions
  6. Faculty Senate Website: Pete Gross will send a blurb about the DE committee
  7. Future of eCafe: New evaluation system may be rolling out
  8. Adjournment at 4:05 PM
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