Minutes January 18, 2016


Attendees: Brent Hirata, Rachael Inake, Daniela Elliott, Pete Gross, Jeffrey Breitenfeldt, Heather Takamatsu, Michelle Igarashi, Warren Kawano, Dalybeth Reasoner and Greg Walker.


  1. Minutes from November 16, 2015’s meeting was unanimously approved
  2. Warren spoke about UHWO guidelines for teaching online classes.

UHWO has some guidelines for online teaching. How about Leeward? Can we develop something like that? Our job as a committee is to advise the faculty senate of issues and solutions that come up for DE.

There is a need to address the issues before setting guidelines. What is the main problem that we face at Leeward?

New instructors teaching online without training. Instructors being given online classes last minute without proper time to prepare. Instructors need to figure out DE by themselves without support from the system

However, this is anecdotal. We need data to show that there is a problem. Greg can provide some data, but it is a sensitive issue.

What can the DE committee do? We can recommend that a process be created to minimize issues. If division chairs offer an online class to a new instructor the DE committee needs to have a process in place.

Right now Greg has asked Division chairs to ask new instructors to email him so he can advise

  • DE committee develops a form just like in writing intensive in which instructors go to the process of getting approval to teach online. Follow the ethics/writing intensive application guidelines
  • Self-assessment tool: New instructor is given an assessment tool that helps showing areas of weakness and providing resources to counterbalance that.
  • The idea of doing something mandatory was not accepted by all since it would make instructors just jump through hoops without actually improving teaching techniques for online instruction.
  1. Subcommittee Break Out (Tabled)
  • IOTA
  • DE Faculty Idea Exchange
  • DE Survey and Evaluation
  • DE Course Approval
  • Announcements
  • New Business


  1. Adjournment 4:05pm.
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