Minutes December 11, 2017

Meeting called to order at 3:06PM.

Attendees (in person): Warren Kawano, Dalybeth Reasoner, Daniela Dutra Elliott, Karim Khan, Rachael Inake, Brent Hirata.

Attendees (remote Blackboard Collaborate): Annemarie Paikai, Christy Takamure

Absent: Amy Amper, Michelle Igarashi

  1. Approval of minutes from November 20, 2017
    • Unanimous Approved minutes
  2. DE Federal Requirements Training
    • Review of progress
      • Progress seemed satisfactory
    • Online option for identified instructors who could not make it to face to face session.
      • Only a handful of people will need online delivery but perhaps more down the road.
      • Discussion to deliver on a Laulima site to support a discussion forum
      • Warren to do the video overview of the PowerPoint
  3. Faculty survey
    • Comments from Della and Donna
      • Della was supportive of the survey for DE faculty.
      • Discussion on what to include in survey and sequencing of questions.
      • Updated survey name to be “Online Teaching Survey for Instructors”
    • Schedule implementation
      • Send out in the middle of Spring semester.
  4. DE Interview Questions Feedback
    • Revision of questions (see detailed feedback from HR in G Doc) and discussion.
      • Q1- remove “personally and professionally” to attempt to address HR feedback
      • Q2- Consider deleting?
      • Q4-Consider deleting
      • Continue to look at the questions that HR had feedback on.  As needed add additional examples to the strengthen the questions for hiring committee members who may not all be well versed in DE background.
      • Then forward to Greg for feedback
      • Then send to HR and hopefully have completed in Mid to late spring

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM.

Next meeting will be on January 22 at 3:00-4:00 PM in LC 108A.

Minutes recorded by Brent H.

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