Minutes February 12, 2018

Start : 3:06

Attendance: Rachael Inake, Dalybeth Reasoner, Michelle Igarashi, Amy Amper, Warren Kawano, Annemarie Paikai, Christy Takamure, Matthew Egami, Greg Walker (online)

Approval of minutes from January 22, 2018 meeting. Approved (Unanimous)

DE Committee Membership

  • New member: Matt Egami (PAT)
  • Arts & Humanities Representative: Warren contacted Tracie Losch, no response
  • APT- According to Faculty Senate website, should have one non-faculty member (from each unit?)
  • Rachael to ask Camden Barruga (EMC) if says no, Cameron Rivera
  • Definition of Unit- Each division according to our language, Warren to talk to Della to change

Final Approval – DE Interview Questions

  • Lori-Lei approved and resolved all questions
  • Vote to approve: Unanimous approval (8)
  • Warren to send a clean copy to Lori-Lei
  • Will be added to Accreditation doc

IOTA Award Update

  • Due Date: Feb. 28, 2018 4pm to Chancellor’s office
  • Members- please encourage colleagues to apply!
  • Greg to send out by Spring break; Will have approx. 2 weeks to review and discuss on April 16 (regular DE Meeting)
  • New docs have been created for this year’s IOTA. They are in the “CURRENT Innovative Online Teaching Award (IOTA)” shared Google Drive folder. I was thinking we can re-use them and just change the year on them so the links stay the same.
  • Kathleen updated the Intranet’s Awards page with the new links to the IOTA docs.
  • Lani O’Neal is on-board with the Feb. 28th at 4:30pm deadline and with collecting applications to the Chancellor’s office and via email.
  • Greg updated the IOTA process timeline doc.
  • Please encourage your colleagues to apply!

DE Liaison Program

  • Not much traction, how to get more attention?
  • Rachael- Get Della to promote to Division chairs (original goal was for the division chairs to funnel them to the DE liaison)
  • Encourage DE Liaison’s to be more proactive, with targeted e-mails to follow up and offer assistance to new DE instructors
  • Original Template; E-mail draft created
  • ACTION: Everyone to target new to online instructors using e-mail template
  • 2017-2018 DE Committee folder: Everyone add to your individual drive; DE Liasion program folder has request form for new people to fill out; On spreadsheet of responses, tools, notify me when “a user submits a form” and “e-mail right-away”;
  • After you have responded, fill out the DE Liaison program log form
  • Greg shared access to the DE Liaison request form and response sheet. These and the other DE Liaison docs are in a sub-folder in our “2017-2018 DE Committee” shared Google Drive folder. (Note: You can add shared folders to your My Drive by opening the folder and at the top right corner click the “Add to My Drive” button Just add the “2017-2018 DE Committee” folder to your My Drive and it will have the “DE Liaison” sub-folder in it.)
  • To be notified of new submissions, DE Liaisons should add an email notification from the response sheet when a new user submits. This way all liaisons will be notified when someone submits a request. If the person is in your assigned division, please contact them. There’s a column in the response sheet to note your name and when you contacted the person just so the committee knows he/she has been helped. Here are the steps to setup email notification:
    • Open the response sheet.
    • Click on Tools > Notification rules
    • Choose to get an email when “A user submits a form” and “Email right away”


DE Federal Regulations Training

  • Requested a project site in Laulima for training; Those designated who are unable to attend physical training will have the option to attend training via site;
  • Will review content, share in the forum section on how they meet the requirements, complete the online “self-evaluation”

DE Faculty Survey (Will send out mid-Spring semester)

  • Will address, “How do we address Faculty DE needs?”
  • Warren will send out on Feb. 26 (Week 8)
  • Will review results together at March meeting 3/12

Meeting adjourned: 3:43 PM

Next Meeting: March 12, 2018 3pm-4pm


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