Minutes September 10, 2018

Attendees:Warren Kawano, Rachael Inake, Sandro Jube, Matthew Egami, Camden Barruga, Christy Takamure, Tracie Losch, Brent Hirata, LeeAnne Egan, and Leanne Riseley (Guest)

      1. Approval of Minutes from April 16, 2018
        1. Approved unanimously.
      2. Welcome and introductions
      3. Meeting minutes note takers for the year
        1. Schedule established for the academic year. See “LEE DE Committee” team drive for details.
      4. DE Committee Report 2017-2018
        1. Briefly reviewed with committee. A summary of DE Committee’s discussions and accomplishments from the 2017 – 2018 academic year.
      5. Update on DE Federal Requirements Training
        1. Breakout session offered again at Fall convocation.
          1. 8-9 attendees
        2. Update on ACCJC Evaluation of DE courses
          1. A list of 10% of the DE courses was compiled and will be given to the accreditation team.
            1. Courses with multiple sections and/or larger enrollment were selected.
            2. Individual instructors of the sections selected have been contacted.
      • Some of the instructors needed to submit additional information for their self evaluation.
      1. The accreditation team will be looking at courses from the Spring 2018 semester.
      1. Discussion on Draft Revision of DE Guidelines and Evaluation
        1. Drafts were reviewed and discussion was held on what recommendation the committee should put forth regarding evaluation of DE courses and/or instructors.
          1. Should we recommend to mandate course and/or instructor evaluations?
            1. If so, what will the system be and who will implement it?
              1. How often?
            2. If not, how will we ensure quality courses being taught by qualified instructors?
          2. Think about it…
        2. Faculty Survey Results – Spring 2017
          1. Tabled


Meeting adjourned at 4:22 pm.

Next meeting on October 8th, 2018 at 3:00 pm in LC – 108a

Minutes submitted by Matthew Egami

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