Minutes November 5, 2018

Call to Order

  • (Nov. 5, 2018)  Meeting called to order at 3:04 p.m.

Warren Kawano, Sandro Jube, Karim Khan, Camden Barruga, Rachael Inake, Michelle Igarashi, Kuuipo (Tracie) Losch, Kelsie Aguilera (New), LeeAnne Egan, Brent Hirata

Approval of the Minutes


  • Welcome to new member Kelsie  Aguilera who will represent Social Science Division

Old Business

  • DE Course Self-Evaluation Details
    • Every three years
    • Proposed responsibilities, procedures, timeline, format

Decision made to create this DE Course Self-Evaluation as a Google Form.  One sheet with everything on it.

DE committee would keep track (on a master spreadsheet) of instructors (and courses) on a 3 year cycle. Have a Fall (TBD) and Spring (TBD)  deadline for self evaluation.  DE committee will have (optional) workshops to help instructors.  The instructor completes the form, can check off if they need help,  if instructor needs help they can request for help from the DE committee.  The DE committee  collects the final submission and sends on Div Chairs for them to review.

For this first time through the Div Chairs can determine the schedule of who is up each year to stagger them.

  • DE Guidelines and Evaluation forum at convocation

Who wants to do the presentation/ breakout?   Matt, Christy, Camden, Karim, LeAnne, Sandro?

  • Subcommittee Reports (See LEE DE Committee in Google Drive)
    • IOTA (Sandro*, Camden, Warren, Brent)
    • DE Liaison (Michelle*, Kuuipo, Christy)
    • Faculty Evaluation (Rachael*, Karim, Matt, Kelsie)

Brent will join IOTA sub committee

Kelsie will join Rachael’s sub  committee

LeeAnne will let Warren know which sub committee they would like to join.

IOTA sub committee proposed changing the award 5 additional guidelines for the award.   Unanimously approved to include these.

DE Liaison shared some ideas to get the word out through intra-division email and surveys.  Possible action items, creating a list of all DE instructors.  Host a mini workshops based on responses. Create email templates and include in the Team Drive.

New Business

Question about CES, required (campus) questions and recommended questions.


Adjournment next meeting: December 10 (Monday at 3-4 PM)


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